Thing(s) That Are Rocking My World Right Now

(Or Have, While I Have Not Been Blogging)

1. The new ABC Family show Switched at Birth

This is, in fact, the motivation behind this blog post. I’m not exactly sure what else is rocking my world, but I wanted to talk about this to someone and my mom doesn’t want to watch it with me.

Admittedly, the premise is pretty cliche – two girls from totally different worlds that find out they were switched at birth. One’s rich with a perfect family, the other is poor and lives with her single mom and grandma. Blah blah blah, typical ABC Family drama (I mean, I guess I can’t exactly expect serious television from them, as they are family-oriented… but man, I love Pretty Little Liars).

Here’s where it gets good: one of the girls is Deaf!!!!!! The actress actually is hearing impaired (and super pretty, although that’s not particularly relevant).

As [most of you] know, I’m taking ASL at UF and I love it. My professor is so awesome (to learn more, watch this. That’s actually the room I have class in!). Look, I’m even on his website – (I circled myself, here. I wore my hair wavy that day). That’s why I love this so much!

Seriously you guys, DEAF CULTURE IS SO COOL and that’s what makes this show interesting! (That, and the mom is Marty McFly’s mom from Back to the Future. But back to the point) Like, they showed a scene of the girl at her Deaf school. They showed her mom signing to her while she was driving – with one hand! I always wondered how Deaf people do that! The girl talks with an accent and SimComs with hearing people. She even has a Deaf [boy?]friend. And the show is teaching all of the hearing viewers about Deaf culture! I’ve only watched one episode, but they’ve already talked about namesigns and how it’s taboo to ask for one (or give yourself one), the cochlear implant controversy, and lipreading. Awesome, awesome, awesome.

2. “Tonight, Tonight” by Hot Chelle Rae

Yes, I know that this song sucks. Yes. Yes. Yes. I know that this is not musical brilliance. The lyrics are not particularly impressive. The lead singer’s voice is nothing spectacular. I’m not even sure if you can count the shouting in the chorus as singing. All of that aside, I love it! It’s my jam. Plus, Chord Overstreet is in the music video. What more can a girl want?

Ummm. Okay. I’m tired of listing things for now. I’ll let you know when I think more things up.


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