Days 164-225: In which I do not blog.

Sorry, sorry sorry. No need to nag me about posting — really, my mom has got it more than covered. Instead of hearing excuses, don’t you want to know what I’ve been doing while I’ve been not-blogging?

Well, I’ve been:

BQAUK.jpg (1936×2592)

… sitting next to Trey Burton on buses,

v0ItK.jpg (2592×1936)

… seeing Hellogoodbye, one of my absolute favorite bands, play,

the image

… camping out for ESPN’s College Gameday for three hours,

the image

… getting really sick while at ESPN’s College Gameday,

the image

… distributing Valentines to everyone on my dorm floor,

the image

… making this cool meme-inspired shirt for Simon,

the image

… attending all the Gator baseball games I can get to,

the image

… hanging out in graffiti tunnels with my brothers,

the image

… tweeting Trey Burton,

the image

… eating delicious Chinese food,

the image

… going home to do fun things with Jono,

the image

… celebrating Jeremy’s crossover into Boy Scouts,

the image

… walking through Turlington,

the image

… going to see a middle-aged Monkees cover band at a cafe that served drinks in beakers,

the image

… celebrating an International Food Potluck with my floor,

the image

… ordering Midnight Cookies (and asking the workers to draw unicorns on the box),

the image

the image

… going to baseball games with my family/taking them to Satchel’s,

the image

… uh, ordering more Midnight Cookies,

the image

… making the trip downtown in search of Big Lou’s $2 fries, and much, much more.

I’ve been writing up a storm:

It has been quite a busy month/s for me, and it only gets busier. However, my birthday is in TWELVE DAYS OMG.

I can’t blog this week because I have to come up with approximately 7 blog posts about art history for my other blog, which will be graded on Friday. But I promise to get back to blogging here soon!



2 Comments to “Days 164-225: In which I do not blog.”

  1. This was a great way to start my week. I have missed you so much. Welcome back!!!

    Keep yp the good work. Hope to see you soon

    Love Oma

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