Day 163: In which I have Ramen Noodles for the second time in my life.

Ohai; lots to talk about!

First, what I’ve been doing for the past week — well, largely, throwing up. I started getting seriously sick on Wednesday night and spent most of Thursday in bed with severe stomach cramps, chills, and a fever. I missed my Thursday classes but managed to go to 2/3 of Friday’s schedule.

Most of the time I spent curled into a ball on my bed was spent watching television (did I tell you guys we have a TV in our room now?). I watched a lot of Spongebob (mainly because it was really easy to understand and my brain was a little preoccupied), iCarly, and a horrible movie with Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock in it called Practical Magic. Seriously, how did this movie get made? It was terrible… but, granted, because of the cast I kept watching in hopes that it would redeem itself. It didn’t, but I was too sick to care.

I’m still recovering. I’m like not very hungry at all anymore, but when I am, I have stomach aches. But then as soon as I do eat my stomach hurts again. It’s weird and I don’t like it.

Next, can we discuss how well I’m doing on one of my New Years Resolutions? I did away with a quantifier, but it’s still effective — “Eat less ice cream.” It was meant to apply to the dining hall, where I can get ice cream whenever I want. So far, I’ve only eaten ice cream there once this semester! Accomplishment? Oh yes. Whether this is due to my rock hard resolve or the fact that they never seem to have mint chocolate chip when I’m there, I cannot say.

Speaking of food, which I love to do now that the thought of food no longer makes me want to puke, I experienced the future of beverages last night. Seriously guys. Simon told me about this revolutionary machine that was just installed in our local Firehouse Subs: It is incredible and may make living in Pepsiville, FL for the next few years an alright experience.

It’s about the size of a refrigerator. You walk up to it, and there’s a touch screen with a bunch of different Coke brands on it. You touch one, and it takes you to another page that shows you all of the available flavors of that drink. It’s like magic. You can create over 100 different kinds of soda! It’s not just normal stuff, either. They have the standard Coke, Sprite, lemonade, but they have crazy variations of it… like raspberry Sprite or peach Fanta (both actually exist). It’s like the Coke place at Epcot, except so much better!

I just had Vanilla Coke because I looooove Vanilla Coke, but I’m looking forward to experimenting. I used my iPhone (oh, did I tell you I have an iPhone? Yeah. It’s awesome. I’m so efficient on it.) to take some pictures, so please observe (read: marvel) below:

dCs27.jpg (1936×2592)

qDDXU.jpg (2592×1936)

9Cx91.jpg (2592×1936)

y2qdt.jpg (2592×1936)

Then we went to mochi mochi mochi. Guess which cup is mine:

Cglmo.jpg (1936×2592)

5yble.jpg (1935×2591)

Oh, and that’s just a gratuitous picture of my adorable boyfriend.

Anyway, I am currently avoiding studying for my Tuesday exam by listening to this. I am so excited for the new Bright Eyes album! I love Bright Eyes, but haven’t done so long, so this is like the first new release I’ll be a part of. Conor Oberst is awesome; he gets me. Wow, I just read the first two sentences of the NPR article accompanying this stream:

I won’t mince words: This is the best record Bright Eyes has ever made. In fact, it’s the best record the band’s frontman, Conor Oberst, has ever been a part of.

On the subject of reading articles, be sure to check out whenever I post links to my stuff. Moreover, my good friend Joe Morgan just started writing for The Alligator (like, as a beat writer — he gets paid for his stories!), and you should support him like I do:

In other news (ha!), my hair is super soft because I found and have started using my conditioner. While we’re talking about my mundane life, I have to start a blog for my Mass Comm class this week. We have to bring a pitch for a serious blog topic on which we’ll post for grades (and to show potential employers). What should my pitch be? I’m considering doing an art blog, just because I lalaLOVE graphic design and paintings and everything. I could post some of my favorite pieces of art and tell my readers why. Hmm.

I think I’m going to go organize my February calendar now. I’ve already got ideas cookin’ in my mind for Simon’s Valentine’s Day present!

Day 163: Zomg so much Vanilla Coke last night.


One Comment to “Day 163: In which I have Ramen Noodles for the second time in my life.”

  1. Soooooo glad you feel better. Was really worried about you. Is your blog supposed to be serious or humorous? Can I get Diet Coke with lime? ly

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