Day 151: In which I chalk on campus.

The past week has been full of two things:

1. Gossip Girl.

I started watching last semester at Ruchi’s request while I was folding all of my cubes for Origami, and I got hooked. I’ve spent the past few months almost obsessively watching the seasons in an effort to catch up before the spring premiere next Monday. I just started the current season yesterday, but I’ve only got about nine episodes until I’m up-to-date.

2. Free shirts.

It’s incredible how I came to UF with only like three Gators shirts and now my wardrobe is consumed with them. This past week, I have gotten three – 3! – free shirts, because I a) love free stuff and b) feel like there probably won’t be many other opportunities in my lifetime where I’m willing and able to stand in line outside of the O’Connell Center for an hour to get a shirt.


LYleZ.jpg (640×480)

(that’s a legit basketball jersey, folks)

nR9k6.jpg (640×480)

(Rowdy Reptiles are what men’s basketball fans are called)

1kzAD.jpg (640×480)

(yeah, this is blatant advertising, but I can ALWAYS use another blue and orange shirt)

In other news, I’m learning sign language! Like, legitimately. A few words that I know: Starbucks, name, allergy, moose, champion, fraternity/Philadelphia/pin, bird, the numbers, the alphabet, join, you/he/she/him/her, me/I, address, and more.

I’ve currently got a lot of stuff to do — two articles to write and housing to figure out, among other things — so I’ll end this now.

Day 151: I consistently think it is warmer outside than it is and dress accordingly. This is becoming a problem.


2 Comments to “Day 151: In which I chalk on campus.”

  1. Cool shirts. Sign language – that’s neat. Always wanted to learn that myself. You can teach me. Weather is rather unpredictable, isn’t it? Are you making use of the nice cozy sweater/hoodie? Hope all is well with you. Good luck in the interviews. You’ll do just fine. Love, Nana

  2. Missed this one. Love the pictures of you and your free shirts. Think I found one in the dryer after you left…What did you chalk on campus?

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