Day 143: In which UF has a blustery day.

So sorry I haven’t updated but now I am back at college. It’s a new semester, too, which means new classes.

I’m taking American Sign Language I, Astronomy (technically the course is called ‘Discovering the Universe’), Writing for Mass Communications (a really hard writing class with a three-hour lab), Admissions, Impact Disabilities (for a Diversity credit), and the Oral Performance of Literature. So far I’m most excited for ASL and least excited for Mass Comm (because it’s so intense) and Impact Disabilities (because I have absolutely no interest in the subject material). In fact, we started class last Wednesday, so I haven’t even gone to some classes yet.

This week is super nerve-wracking because I’m trying to join two different exclusive clubs: the Florida Cicerones and Honors Ambassadors. Both have mandatory meet n greets and interviews (plus applications), which make me really nervous because I’m not good at mingling with people (or schmoozing). The student body president didn’t get accepted to the Cicerones when she tried out, but I’m hoping that one of the two associations will take me. :/

In other news, Ruchi and I have a TV in our room and I decorated my side with lots of magazine pages. I think it looks cool.

mail (640×478)

I’ve got a lot of stuff to do this week and it all makes me very intensely worried. Here goes everything.

Day 143: At least I got to watch Pretty Little Liars.

PS: Check out my latest HerCampus article: You can also see me with my Origami class on the new UF Honors site:


One Comment to “Day 143: In which UF has a blustery day.”

  1. Yea! You remembered how to blog! Good luck with the “try outs”! Either/both organizations would be lucky to have you. If you don’t get it this year, remember you still have at least 6 semesters left. :) Ly.

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