Day 113: In which I change my folder icons to little monsters.

Unfortunately, that is the most productive thing I’ve done tonight. Priorities, you know?

WYrXB.png (460×380)

In other news, I went to two review sessions today. But that’s also lame. Finals suck. It seems like they’re soooo far away. I mean, it’s Friday and my first final is Tuesday. Tuesday is like next month to me. (Don’t worry, Mom, I’ll do homework tomorrow.)

Most importantly, though — I got published! Again! HerCampus let me write for them again: . Awesome, right? I’m really pumped. Read it!

Meanwhile, I’m constantly thinking of things I want to do over winter break:

  • make fudge
  • make Christmas cookies
  • make lasagna
  • read Mockingjay
  • go to Universal (with family? with Simon? with both?)
  • sleep

Well, I mean, there’s a lot more stuff, but that’s just the beginning of the list.

Day 113: Progress on Simon’s Christmas present has been halted and I am not happy about it. :|


One Comment to “Day 113: In which I change my folder icons to little monsters.”

  1. Nom nom. Your brothers and I eagerly anticipate your arrival. We will have the kitchen clean so you can start baking as soon as you get here. It’s the least we can do….

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