Day 109: In which I take two exams.

Today was rough. I had two exams — my Journalism final and a math test that could count as my final grade. Also worth noting is the fact that it is FREEZING! It is currently 33 degrees outside my dorm right now. O. M. G. I just walked back from Norman (aka far away) and my face is still defrosting.

I’m pretty tired from today’s events, so here are some pictures of the cookies my group (but mostly my grandma! Thanks Oma!) made for our project tomorrow. Nom nom nom:

vZabE.jpg (1800×2400)

PHrWp.jpg (2400×1800)

ty4qF.jpg (2400×1800)

Day 109: I’m beat. Tonight: Gossip Girl. Tomorrow: finish my paper.


2 Comments to “Day 109: In which I take two exams.”

  1. You WILL live through this!
    1. It will be getting warmer this week.
    2. You only have two (INR?, Rock n Roll?) finals left.
    3. Very soon, you come home!!!!
    4. It’s Christmas, your favorite time of year.
    5. I love you.

    PS Congratulations on being published AGAIN.

  2. cutest cookies ever, your Oma rocks!

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