A lot of days, okay? Until Day 102: In which I eat at China Buffet.

So, sorry. So sorry. I got sick and felt too bad to blog for a long time, and then when I started feeling better, I went home for Thanksgiving break. In fact, this blog post is currently coming to you from the desktop Dell in the living room (because my laptop won’t connect to the glumnet wi-fi? What is this? Do I have a virus?).

Things that have happened since we last spoke (read? Communicated?), in bulleted form to show no chronology or train of thought:

  • UF lost to FSU in the last game of the regular season; Facebook fights ensue; I roll  my eyes and look at pictures of Trey Burton
  • I made (and consumed) an apple pie (not all by myself) and helped make two pumpkin pies (which didn’t cook all the way through)
  • my mom asked, “Are you ever going to blog again?”
  • I went Black Friday shopping with Simon and his family — what an experience!
  • a LOT of origami folding
  • I watched an entire season of Gossip Girl; I am now obsessed (it’s Ruchi’s fault)
  • I skipped three classes for illness and pleasure
  • I saw (and gossiped with) my BFF Abby

I’m sure a bunch of other stuff happened, but I’m tired and kind of feeling down so I’ll keep this blog post short.

I’m glad to be home. Thanksgiving break was awesome, but it seemed so short. I’m ready for Christmas break to be here… but first I have to get through finals, which is going to be really tough. Truthfully, I’m only worried about the final exam in International Relations, but I have lots of final projects due as well. I have an International Relations paper to write (which sucks because I basically know nothing about INR), a bug costume to make and wear, a bug dessert to make, and two origami projects to complete. Sprinkle random exams in there, add some stress, and the pressure of finding presents — and you have my next three weeks.

It’s going to be rough, and it all starts upon my return to UF tomorrow night.

I’m going to bed now. Or at least to watch Gossip Girl so I can stop thinking.

-> Day 102: Back to GCDC nomz tomorrow night!


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