Day 82 and a recap: In which I eat chocolate covered pretzels at the dining hall.


So for real, here is What’s Been Going on in Julia’s Life While She Was Not Blogging:

1. I watched Rocky Horror Picture Show (the movie) and was really impressed… not necessarily with the acting or cinematography, but the whole cult classic feeling of it. It was better than I expected, but I totally now understand why everyone loves it so much. I want to go to a theatre showing sometime where we throw stuff at the screen; I’m sure it’s so much fun.

2. Like I said, I made 2.5 cubes (of 20) for Origami Project #1. I have found that the easiest way for me to work on folding and assembling is to do both while watching TV [on my computer]. Since Glee is — for SOME reason?!!????!?!? — every two weeks and there wasn’t an SNL this week, I had to find a new series to watch. I have chosen (don’t laugh) — Hellcats. Yes, it is about cheerleaders. Yes, it is predictably scripted. Yes, I am probably killing brain cells by watching it. However, it’s just mindless enough that I can fold and be entertained simultaneously. I chose the show because 1) it has Alyson Michalka in it and I kind of want to be her, 2) there are only nine episodes right now and six of them are available online (legally), and 3) because I like focusing on other people’s drama instead of my own. Hellcats is no Degrassi; it’s more like an extended version of Bring it On plus college students. At any rate, it’s my new jam.

3. There has been some pretty good food at the dining hall lately. For some reason, they’re doing this promotion month where each day is a different ‘theme day’.

TKsdC.png (362×862)

Although some of these sound phenomenal, please take the sensationalism with a grain of salt — they’re actually pretty lame. Despite this, it means that everyday there is at least one good thing to eat. For example, today is chocolate covered pretzel day. Hot chocolate day was awesome. The best yet has been Banana Split Day; there were no bananas but there was HOT FUDGE. Enough said.

4. On another food note, I went to Pita Pit on Saturday night and got the Chicken Crave instead of the Philly Cheesesteak (my usual) and it was so much better. Just FYI if you find yourself trying to decide.

5. Following the food vein, UF is yapping about trying Meatless Mondays. While I can agree that there are not many options for vegetarians, I also had Chicken Cordon Bleu pasta today for lunch (which is ham AND chicken), so I don’t think the implementation is going too well. At any rate, I usually eat double the normal amount of meat whenever possible because I’m trying to make up for my vegetarian roommate Ruchi who basically only eats grass (and sometimes leaves). :)

6. Enough about food (well, kind of). This weekend, Simon and I went to the Downtown Gainesville Art Festival. It. Was. So. Awesome. Wow. It was huge, bigger than the Heathrow art festival but probably not as big as Winter Park’s. They shut down a ton of streets and intersections and set up  hundreds of tents. Everyone is so talented — I wished that I had infinite money (and, I guess, a place to decorate) so that I could buy every piece I liked. The food was good, too — I had KETTLE CORN (of course omg), lemonade, and a philly cheesesteak sandwich (made on a greasy grill, complete with onions! Proud of me?). I love art festivals — they have such happy, easygoing atmospheres.

7. The weather this weekend was spectacular. It was coooold. I love chilly weather. I got to wear new sweaters and sweatshirts! I even did my hair in cute ways because there wasn’t any humidity to ruin it. It goes back to being hot again tomorrow (I’m wearing shorts today and I’m a little cool),  but it’s not going to get above 80 for the rest of the week. Saweet, amirite?

8. Speaking of this weekend, it’s going to rule. We don’t have class on Thursday because of Veteran’s Day (but we do have it Friday). There’s a party I’m going to Wednesday night and a game on Saturday night. Most importantly, having Thursday means that the week basically ends at 9:20 on Wednesday morning. My classes on Friday don’t really count… they don’t even start until 11:45am and even then there’s only two of them! Epic success.

9. I started reading the sequel to The Hunger Games and omg it’s so wonderful. Love love love. I want to be a person who gets to read manuscripts for a juvenile/young adult fiction book publishing company. How do I get a degree in that? It would be like infinite ARCS and I’d get paid to read. Does it get better than that? I think not.

10. I still can’t make myself stop listening to the new Taylor Swift CD on repeat, but this weekend I downloaded a bunch of Sigur Ros for free and am digging it.

Okay, I need to do math homework. More later!

Day 82: I have a headache.


One Comment to “Day 82 and a recap: In which I eat chocolate covered pretzels at the dining hall.”

  1. 1. I LOVE Rocky Horror Picture Show. It IS best in a theatre but be prepared for umbrellas and flying toast!
    2. Get busy.
    3. Nov. 29 FTW!
    4. Take me! Take me!
    5. Poor Ruchi. How does she like rooming with a carnivore?
    6. Kettle corn FTW!
    7. Love this weather. Wish it would stay consistent.
    8. Have fun at your party. Give thanks for veterans.
    9. I bet there IS a job like that out there. Let’s find it.
    10. Sigur who?

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