Days 73/74/75: In which we win against UGA, I study International Relations for long periods of time, and it is November, respectively.

Serious question: at what point is it permissible to start listening to Christmas music?

God, I can’t believe it’s November already. August went by so slowly even though I was only here for a few weeks at the end, and September crawled by. Then all of a sudden it was October, and, today, November! What?!!?!

Let me tell you this, though: I LOVE FALL. Sometimes I refer to it as autumn so I sound smarter, but all the same, I love it.

I love the cool weather (even though it’s not really cold in Florida until you want to go on a Valentine’s Day picnic and it’s freezing outside). I’m really excited to see how (if?) the weather in Gainesville differs from that of Lake Mary. This is my week-at-a-glance on my dashboard:

sl1hTF.png (315×201)

I love fall holidays, too. I like Thanksgiving because of the food (obviously) and family; I hope I can do some of the cooking again this year (apple pie! The ultimate nom). I like Halloween, too, even though I didn’t do anything this year (except eat candy corn without stopping) because I had to study. However, me in my always-ready-to-celebrate-lifestyle dressed up last night while studying instead of trick-or-treating:

GVtvr.jpg (640×480)

My mom sent me like the best package ever — chocolate (which is essential for life itself), socks (which I needed because I’m desperately trying to preserve the dark purple polish on my toenails — cutest pedicure evar!), shampoo (which I needed because I had been washing my hair with a little travel sized bottle of shampoo), peanut butter (which I didn’t realize I needed until she sent it… yum, I can spread it on my saltines and other foods) and the sequel to The Hunger Games! AAAH! I haven’t started reading it yet because I had to study for my exam, but omg I’m so pumped.

Anyway, how awesome is the Taylor Swift CD? I keep trying to pick a favorite song but I can’t. If I had to narrow it down, my top three would be “Enchanted,” “Haunted,” and “Better Than Revenge.” Okay, look, I know it seems like this is all I can talk about but I’ve got to be a fangirl sometime, right?

On the fangirl note, can we just admire Kevin and Danielle Jonas’s (Jonas’? Too lazy to check) Halloween costumes? So adorable:


(Let it be known that I am blogging from the library and to all of the people around me it looks like I’m just staring at the picture above. Maybe they’re expecting it, though, because my desktop looks like this.)

Moving on from Halloween and my love of autumn, today in my Journalism class we had a speaker (of course) about magazine journalism and it was really interesting. Magazine journalism is a focus I can definitely see my self going into, because it really involves the creative side of writing and design rather than hardcore reporting. Anyway, the speaker was very passionate about how magazines are NOT dying like everyone says print journalism is, and showed this video:

Very legitimate. He also talked about the importance of magazine covers and showed this video, which shows 92 covers in two minutes and in doing so, represent the past decade (isn’t that weird to think about?):

In other news, I think I am going to make my book list my NaNoWriMo project (because I can’t write a novel). I’m up to about 169 books, and I have only been working for twenty minutes. Sweet, right? I’ll keep you updated on my progress. You like?:

8h1PT.png (653×895)

I’m alphabetizing by title, but also including author’s name (as you can see). I’m only counting chapter books (so no picture books). My biggest rule is that in order for a book to make the list, I have to absolutely REMEMBER READING IT. This means no assuming that I read book 13 in a 15-book series that I think I completed; I must be able to recognize the plot/characters/etc. by reading a summary of it online. I figure this is they only way to make sure that the list is accurate.

Wow, look at me with my multimedia blog post! Videos, pictures, and text, oh my. However, I figure that I’ve procrastinated from doing my math homework for long enough now. More later.

Days 73/74/75: INR, candy corn, and Taylor Swift dominated my weekend. I hope GCDC has good food tonight.


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