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November 29, 2010

Day 103: In which I get PUBLISHED!!!! (Kind of. Online. That counts, right?)

Guys, look:

Guys, look:

Guys, LOOK!!!!!!!!:

Ahhh! I’m published! Even though it’s online and I publish myself in blog posts all the time, this is a BIG DEAL because someone else thinks I should be published too!

Oh my gosh, I’m so excited right now. This Monday is officially out of Monday status and is a good day.

Day 103: More to come, but today has been a lot of walking. Oh yeah, and No big deal, right? :)


Other good things that happened today: I finished my origami project and my origami cube, they had funnel cake in the dining hall, I took a nap. Today was awesome.

November 28, 2010

A lot of days, okay? Until Day 102: In which I eat at China Buffet.

So, sorry. So sorry. I got sick and felt too bad to blog for a long time, and then when I started feeling better, I went home for Thanksgiving break. In fact, this blog post is currently coming to you from the desktop Dell in the living room (because my laptop won’t connect to the glumnet wi-fi? What is this? Do I have a virus?).

Things that have happened since we last spoke (read? Communicated?), in bulleted form to show no chronology or train of thought:

  • UF lost to FSU in the last game of the regular season; Facebook fights ensue; I roll  my eyes and look at pictures of Trey Burton
  • I made (and consumed) an apple pie (not all by myself) and helped make two pumpkin pies (which didn’t cook all the way through)
  • my mom asked, “Are you ever going to blog again?”
  • I went Black Friday shopping with Simon and his family — what an experience!
  • a LOT of origami folding
  • I watched an entire season of Gossip Girl; I am now obsessed (it’s Ruchi’s fault)
  • I skipped three classes for illness and pleasure
  • I saw (and gossiped with) my BFF Abby

I’m sure a bunch of other stuff happened, but I’m tired and kind of feeling down so I’ll keep this blog post short.

I’m glad to be home. Thanksgiving break was awesome, but it seemed so short. I’m ready for Christmas break to be here… but first I have to get through finals, which is going to be really tough. Truthfully, I’m only worried about the final exam in International Relations, but I have lots of final projects due as well. I have an International Relations paper to write (which sucks because I basically know nothing about INR), a bug costume to make and wear, a bug dessert to make, and two origami projects to complete. Sprinkle random exams in there, add some stress, and the pressure of finding presents — and you have my next three weeks.

It’s going to be rough, and it all starts upon my return to UF tomorrow night.

I’m going to bed now. Or at least to watch Gossip Girl so I can stop thinking.

-> Day 102: Back to GCDC nomz tomorrow night!

November 18, 2010

Guys, I’m sick.

And I have been since last Friday. Sorry for not updating, but I don’t feel well enough to use the time I could be sleeping for blogging. :/

November 11, 2010

Days 83, 84, and today, 85: In which I love Glee, go to a party, and it is Veterans Day, respectively.

I love Veterans Day (and not just because we didn’t have class today).

When I was little and in elementary school, Veterans Day meant two things: flag cookies and showing off my grandpa.

First, the flag cookies — this is self-explanatory. My grandma made (and still makes) rectangular sugar cookies (they taste more like shortbread, so maybe they’re not sugar cookies) and iced them each with 50 stars and 13 stripes. She dares us to find a mistake. I loved those cookies because you could break them into pieces and eat them out of a Ziploc all day long — they were so big! (and the scraps were plentiful). Plus, everyone in my class marveled over them and I got to say modestly, well, yeah, my grandma made those… you should see my birthday cakes!

Secondly, I got to show everyone how cool my grandpa was. For those of you who may not know him, this is my Opa (he’s the one on the left ;)):

eXFmP.jpg (838×588)

He served in the Air Force during the Vietnam War and thus was invited to come to my school once a year and talk to my class about his experiences.

After I sang the military songs in chorus, I went back to my classroom and introduced Opa to the class. Then he would talk to us about what he did as a pilot — telling stories that, even as attention-span-less third graders, we couldn’t help but pay complete attention to. He’d bring a few model planes to explain about cargo planes versus fighters. He would joke with us about things that were surely very serious but seemed so distant from Longwood, he’d show us places he went on a map, and — best of all — he’d let us try on his helmet!

Everyone was in awe when he talked because he was a legitimate, bonafide HERO and he was in our class! As my classmates gushed, I myself would quietly marvel. I guess it’s safe to say that at that age I didn’t really know what being a hero meant, but I was sure that Opa was mine.

Today, Veterans Day means something a little different — I have a reason to think about Opa, who is my hero still today. I only ever knew him as my grandfather, which is incredible because he was so many different people before that.

While today I do consider how grateful I am that he and others fought for our country, I really just have spent most of my time remembering little things (as I usually do this time of year because of Thanksgiving). Like going to get Coke Slurpees after school (multiple times per week!), or that one time he picked me up from school in the gold Pontiac* when I was really sick. And how any recipe he made, he’d make without nuts because I don’t like them, and when he put extra sugar on strawberries, and somehow being able to explain anything, and making coffee cake (which I never understood) on Christmas morning. And how scared I would be when I would walk by his chair and he’d jump at me!

Summarily, I miss Opa and I love veterans. I wonder what the people who fought for our freedom think of how we use (abuse?) it today. I wonder what Opa would think of me today. Would he like Simon? He never really met him. I’m sure he’d be the biggest Gators fan ever.

I think we should try and make our veterans proud as we appreciate them today. That’s what I’m trying to do. :)

*the Pontiac in whose backseat cupholder Jono and I accidentally let a blue crayon melt and we couldn’t tell anyone because we would get in so much trouble


November 8, 2010

Day 82 and a recap: In which I eat chocolate covered pretzels at the dining hall.


So for real, here is What’s Been Going on in Julia’s Life While She Was Not Blogging:

1. I watched Rocky Horror Picture Show (the movie) and was really impressed… not necessarily with the acting or cinematography, but the whole cult classic feeling of it. It was better than I expected, but I totally now understand why everyone loves it so much. I want to go to a theatre showing sometime where we throw stuff at the screen; I’m sure it’s so much fun.

2. Like I said, I made 2.5 cubes (of 20) for Origami Project #1. I have found that the easiest way for me to work on folding and assembling is to do both while watching TV [on my computer]. Since Glee is — for SOME reason?!!????!?!? — every two weeks and there wasn’t an SNL this week, I had to find a new series to watch. I have chosen (don’t laugh) — Hellcats. Yes, it is about cheerleaders. Yes, it is predictably scripted. Yes, I am probably killing brain cells by watching it. However, it’s just mindless enough that I can fold and be entertained simultaneously. I chose the show because 1) it has Alyson Michalka in it and I kind of want to be her, 2) there are only nine episodes right now and six of them are available online (legally), and 3) because I like focusing on other people’s drama instead of my own. Hellcats is no Degrassi; it’s more like an extended version of Bring it On plus college students. At any rate, it’s my new jam.

3. There has been some pretty good food at the dining hall lately. For some reason, they’re doing this promotion month where each day is a different ‘theme day’.

TKsdC.png (362×862)

Although some of these sound phenomenal, please take the sensationalism with a grain of salt — they’re actually pretty lame. Despite this, it means that everyday there is at least one good thing to eat. For example, today is chocolate covered pretzel day. Hot chocolate day was awesome. The best yet has been Banana Split Day; there were no bananas but there was HOT FUDGE. Enough said.

4. On another food note, I went to Pita Pit on Saturday night and got the Chicken Crave instead of the Philly Cheesesteak (my usual) and it was so much better. Just FYI if you find yourself trying to decide.

5. Following the food vein, UF is yapping about trying Meatless Mondays. While I can agree that there are not many options for vegetarians, I also had Chicken Cordon Bleu pasta today for lunch (which is ham AND chicken), so I don’t think the implementation is going too well. At any rate, I usually eat double the normal amount of meat whenever possible because I’m trying to make up for my vegetarian roommate Ruchi who basically only eats grass (and sometimes leaves). :)

6. Enough about food (well, kind of). This weekend, Simon and I went to the Downtown Gainesville Art Festival. It. Was. So. Awesome. Wow. It was huge, bigger than the Heathrow art festival but probably not as big as Winter Park’s. They shut down a ton of streets and intersections and set up  hundreds of tents. Everyone is so talented — I wished that I had infinite money (and, I guess, a place to decorate) so that I could buy every piece I liked. The food was good, too — I had KETTLE CORN (of course omg), lemonade, and a philly cheesesteak sandwich (made on a greasy grill, complete with onions! Proud of me?). I love art festivals — they have such happy, easygoing atmospheres.

7. The weather this weekend was spectacular. It was coooold. I love chilly weather. I got to wear new sweaters and sweatshirts! I even did my hair in cute ways because there wasn’t any humidity to ruin it. It goes back to being hot again tomorrow (I’m wearing shorts today and I’m a little cool),  but it’s not going to get above 80 for the rest of the week. Saweet, amirite?

8. Speaking of this weekend, it’s going to rule. We don’t have class on Thursday because of Veteran’s Day (but we do have it Friday). There’s a party I’m going to Wednesday night and a game on Saturday night. Most importantly, having Thursday means that the week basically ends at 9:20 on Wednesday morning. My classes on Friday don’t really count… they don’t even start until 11:45am and even then there’s only two of them! Epic success.

9. I started reading the sequel to The Hunger Games and omg it’s so wonderful. Love love love. I want to be a person who gets to read manuscripts for a juvenile/young adult fiction book publishing company. How do I get a degree in that? It would be like infinite ARCS and I’d get paid to read. Does it get better than that? I think not.

10. I still can’t make myself stop listening to the new Taylor Swift CD on repeat, but this weekend I downloaded a bunch of Sigur Ros for free and am digging it.

Okay, I need to do math homework. More later!

Day 82: I have a headache.

November 8, 2010

Days 76/77/78/79/80 and today, 81: In which I don’t blog because I am studying and doing homework.

Alright, so I feel seriously bad about not blogging! I’m sorryyyyy.

However, I have some folding to do right now and I’d like to get to bed at a good time tonight. I plan to blog tomorrow (for realz).

XrEjX.jpg (640×480)


November 1, 2010

Days 73/74/75: In which we win against UGA, I study International Relations for long periods of time, and it is November, respectively.

Serious question: at what point is it permissible to start listening to Christmas music?

God, I can’t believe it’s November already. August went by so slowly even though I was only here for a few weeks at the end, and September crawled by. Then all of a sudden it was October, and, today, November! What?!!?!

Let me tell you this, though: I LOVE FALL. Sometimes I refer to it as autumn so I sound smarter, but all the same, I love it.

I love the cool weather (even though it’s not really cold in Florida until you want to go on a Valentine’s Day picnic and it’s freezing outside). I’m really excited to see how (if?) the weather in Gainesville differs from that of Lake Mary. This is my week-at-a-glance on my dashboard:

sl1hTF.png (315×201)

I love fall holidays, too. I like Thanksgiving because of the food (obviously) and family; I hope I can do some of the cooking again this year (apple pie! The ultimate nom). I like Halloween, too, even though I didn’t do anything this year (except eat candy corn without stopping) because I had to study. However, me in my always-ready-to-celebrate-lifestyle dressed up last night while studying instead of trick-or-treating:

GVtvr.jpg (640×480)

My mom sent me like the best package ever — chocolate (which is essential for life itself), socks (which I needed because I’m desperately trying to preserve the dark purple polish on my toenails — cutest pedicure evar!), shampoo (which I needed because I had been washing my hair with a little travel sized bottle of shampoo), peanut butter (which I didn’t realize I needed until she sent it… yum, I can spread it on my saltines and other foods) and the sequel to The Hunger Games! AAAH! I haven’t started reading it yet because I had to study for my exam, but omg I’m so pumped.

Anyway, how awesome is the Taylor Swift CD? I keep trying to pick a favorite song but I can’t. If I had to narrow it down, my top three would be “Enchanted,” “Haunted,” and “Better Than Revenge.” Okay, look, I know it seems like this is all I can talk about but I’ve got to be a fangirl sometime, right?

On the fangirl note, can we just admire Kevin and Danielle Jonas’s (Jonas’? Too lazy to check) Halloween costumes? So adorable:


(Let it be known that I am blogging from the library and to all of the people around me it looks like I’m just staring at the picture above. Maybe they’re expecting it, though, because my desktop looks like this.)

Moving on from Halloween and my love of autumn, today in my Journalism class we had a speaker (of course) about magazine journalism and it was really interesting. Magazine journalism is a focus I can definitely see my self going into, because it really involves the creative side of writing and design rather than hardcore reporting. Anyway, the speaker was very passionate about how magazines are NOT dying like everyone says print journalism is, and showed this video:

Very legitimate. He also talked about the importance of magazine covers and showed this video, which shows 92 covers in two minutes and in doing so, represent the past decade (isn’t that weird to think about?):

In other news, I think I am going to make my book list my NaNoWriMo project (because I can’t write a novel). I’m up to about 169 books, and I have only been working for twenty minutes. Sweet, right? I’ll keep you updated on my progress. You like?:

8h1PT.png (653×895)

I’m alphabetizing by title, but also including author’s name (as you can see). I’m only counting chapter books (so no picture books). My biggest rule is that in order for a book to make the list, I have to absolutely REMEMBER READING IT. This means no assuming that I read book 13 in a 15-book series that I think I completed; I must be able to recognize the plot/characters/etc. by reading a summary of it online. I figure this is they only way to make sure that the list is accurate.

Wow, look at me with my multimedia blog post! Videos, pictures, and text, oh my. However, I figure that I’ve procrastinated from doing my math homework for long enough now. More later.

Days 73/74/75: INR, candy corn, and Taylor Swift dominated my weekend. I hope GCDC has good food tonight.