Days 69/70: In which I miss Glee and tie dye, respectively.

Yes, it’s true… I missed Glee yesterday.

This week has been nuts with studying to do. This weekend isn’t going to go well, and next week doesn’t get any better. I’ve got so many study guide questions to do.

However, three things have helped me take a break:

1) Listening to this.

This kid is going to make it big. I friend requested him on Facebook, but he hasn’t responded.

2) Playing this.

3) Tie-dying a shirt today in the Plaza of the Americas. It’s drying right now!

rIyzZ.jpg (1800×2400)

I’m tired [of everything]. I need to shower and sleep.

Days 69/70: INR/ENY/UFvGA/registration is going to kill me.


One Comment to “Days 69/70: In which I miss Glee and tie dye, respectively.”

  1. You WILL survive. I taped Glee so if you don’t watch it on the computer, you can watch it at home. Registration will not sort itself out completely until the semester begins so don’t get too worked up over it now. Study for your tests. Everything else will be fine. Promise! Ly.

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