Day 62: In which I go to Tijuana Flats (!).

(picture courtesy of my adorable boyfriend Simon)

Backstory: I haven’t been to Tijuana Flats since I moved to Gainesville, which means it’s been at least two months since my last Taco Tuesday. I wasn’t sure that the Tijuana here on University (is it a Blvd? Ave? I could look it up but am muuuuch too lazy to open the new tab and like type it in and stuff) would do the Taco Tuesday deal since it’s next to a college (I’m finding out more and more that restaurants that usually have deals like that don’t around colleges because of a reason I can’t remember right now). However, I researched it and they do!

I went tonight with Simon after my class but during the Glee that I thought was happening tonight but is actually happening next week. IT WAS SO GOOD. AND THEY SERVED COKE! <- capitalization denotes epic excitement

Nom nom nom. Plus, he and I had a really good conversation while we were there. I enjoyed the night very much. Afterwards, we went to his dorm and went through a bunch of old Facebook posts and pictures and had a good time remembering everything.

It was awesome.

Except for now it’s midnight and I haven’t showered. I need to go to bed so I can get up for my 8:30am class tomorrow; thank God that I can come back and snooze afterwards! I looove naps.

Day 62: Oh, Tijuana, how I (and my stomach) missed you.


One Comment to “Day 62: In which I go to Tijuana Flats (!).”

  1. I just mentioned to Jero and Jono last night ( when we went to pick up wings for Boy Scout Court of Honor)
    that we haven’t been to Tijuana Flats since you left. Come home so we can go!
    I love hearing news of you on the blog. You are doing GREAT. Love Oma

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