Day 61: In which I spend some quality time at the library. Aw yeah.

Today was a Monday, and went as Mondays typically do. It’s now 11:09pm and I’m in the Tolbert Library with Simon. I need to go back to my room soon so I can go to sleep because Tuesdays suck.

Things That Happened Today That Are Worth Mentioning (Read: Blogging About):

1. I found out I got an 86 on my Bugs and People test. I’m dissatisfied but not upset… I just wish I had done better.

2. There was a 5-point curve on my Journalism test, which means I now have a 97. Sweet.

3. My Rock n Roll professor posted our test grades and I got a 238.67/225!

4. I had strawberries with my breakfast this morning. (context: I LOVE STRAWBERRIES)

5. Last night, Ruchi says that I got out of bed around 1am and started saying “Oh my God. This can’t happen. This can’t happen.” and then got back in bed and went to sleep.

6. This morning, I woke up wrapped in my phone charger cord and thus was intensely confused as to a) where my phone was, b) why I couldn’t move, and c) from where the alarm sound was coming. How did I get tangled in my phone charger cord? Very valid question. Ruchi suggests that it happened during the incident mentioned in 5.

7. I took a different bus(the 118) to the Hub this morning because I missed my 120 at 7:58 due to the aforementioned phone event. It did not have air conditioning.

8. I was on the same eating schedule as Patric Young (I saw him at breakfast and lunch). Similarly, I saw this guy on the bus today.

9. I went to my International Relations TA’s (the nipple/shaving guy) office hours today to go over my last exam, and he told me that I needed to speak up more in class. Apparently, he doesn’t realize that EVERY TIME I OPEN MY MOUTH HE CORRECTS ME? Sorry for the caps; I just feel strongly.

10. I wore a shirt that was in fall colors — olive green. But still my white sandals.

11. Kristin Harmel spoke in my Journalism class today. Can I be her when I grow up?

That’s about it. I want to go to Taco Tuesday tomorrow night. I’m epic excited for Glee. I want to go to Universal. Simon fistbumped me really hard today. I need to be seriously advised on my next semester’s schedule.

Day 61: Began with the adventure of trying to untangle myself; ended in a relatively mundane way.


2 Comments to “Day 61: In which I spend some quality time at the library. Aw yeah.”

  1. newsflash on #11…you can be her now.

  2. I haven’t been to Taco Tuesday since you left….wouldn’t be the same without you.

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