Days 58, 59, and 60: In which the Gator Growls, we lose to MSU, and there is really good chicken in the dining hall, respectively.

Hello, interwebs. Let it be known that I am not currently in the best of moods right now, but it has been suggested that blogging might augment the situation. Here I go, but be forewarned.

The weekend started Thursday night after I got out of my Rock n Roll test (which went surprisingly well). Ruchi, Simon, and some friends were going to go out clubbing in downtown Gainesville. I got dressed up (read: wore dark jeans, a black tanktop, and my silver sequined ballet flats), everyone met in our room (read: saw my bras and underwear everywhere while waiting for other people to arrive), and we took a bus off campus (read: stood at the bus stop until a bus came by and we got on it, not really knowing where we were getting off). The night went downhill from there, though — we never actually set foot inside of a club due to leadership issues (read: we walked all around because this random guy Ruchi didn’t even ask to come with us decided to take charge even though he was totally clueless).

Regardless, we stayed up pretty late — we fell asleep about 2am. Ruchi and I super-slept in (like, seriously, hibernated) until about 11:30am the next morning, at which time we decided to go to the Homecoming Parade.

It. Was. Nuts, to say the least. Alachua County canceled school so that all of their students could not only attend but participate in the parade. There must have been over a hundred floats, themes and sponsors ranging from tutoring businesses to construction companies to dog charities. There were like ten high school marching bands, and there were little kids everywhere. That’s not to say, however, that there were no older people in it — it seemed like every Gainesville resident, no matter their age, was there.

On Facebook, the parade was advertised as being from 12pm to 2pm. Okay, I thought to myself. So that means it’s probably like twenty minutes long, but the whole thing (as they travel from the O’Connell Center to the end of University Avenue) will take the participants two hours to walk. I was so wrong. The parade itself was two hours long! That right there is solid evidence of how many floats and people there were. Both sides of the street were jammed with people, vendors were selling cotton candy and hotdogs, music was blaring, and churches had set out their chairs for people to sit on. There were Gators fans EVERYWHERE. So much UF merchandise and enthusiasm. I’ve never seen so much spirit.

Hold up. According to this article, the crowd was smaller than usual?????? Wut????

Then that night was Gator Growl, an event for the students and alumni to celebrate Homecoming before the game. It’s held in The Swamp. In past years, UF has hired musicians to perform, but this year they chose to go with comedians. Dan Levy, Kevin Hart, and Aziz Ansari headlined.

03myB.jpg (3000×4000)

Dan Levy was my favorite (because he was the cutest? Not sure). He opened his routine by walking onstage and immediately saying, “They told me not to curse, but I just have to say… f**k Florida State!” The crowd went nuts. Kevin Hart was funny because he told stories about his dog and kids. Aziz Ansari was definitely the shining star of the three, but only got me laughing really hard a few times. All in all, great show.

However, in between acts, they showed commercials for other sports (like basketball and volleyball) and had their coaches come onstage to introduce the team. Nobody really cared about them, and the introductions soon became a nuisance.

One really cool thing that they did do was show clips of a bunch of celebrities saying “Let the gator growl!” — Ashley Greene, Tim Tebow, Jason Mraz, et cetera. Seeing them was legit.

Afterwards, I went back to Tolbert with Simon, Joe, Matt, Griffin, and Lauren and we ordered pizza. I slept soon after.

Yesterday was game day, and it was pretty sweet (except for the part where we lost). I slept in late. Around 4:30, Simon and I decided to explore and ended up at Burrito Bros., a place that has been recommended to each of us no less than a dozen times (to me by Dr. Zak… *swoooon*). Needless to say, it was awesome.

The restaurant itself was in kind of a sketchy area (I’m sure Simon will post the video soon — I narrated and filmed while he ordered) but inside a fence, it was like a cute little cafe. It was PACKED with people, so we ate on a bench.

5tPR1.jpg (2400×1800)

This was our haul:

H24nb.jpg (2800×2100)

I got a chicken burrito, Simon ordered a pork burrito. We ordered chips and limeade (not a fan). The burritos were SPECTACULAR (mine was spiiiicy), but the chips were stale and very disappointing. Our theory is that maybe because it was gameday that they made a ton of them and by the time we arrived the chips had been sitting out for hours. Who knows? It was pretty good, even with the chip issue.

MHZ9d.jpg (3600×2700)

We then went to the game, which was kind of a let down. I will say this: every single person in the student section thought the last field goal was in (because we were viewing it from the side). We erupted and celebrated before finding out that it didn’t go in! :(

Simon and I drank a cup of the best lemonade ever, took a bunch of pictures, and went to Pita Pit afterwards, so the night was good.8QytZ.jpg (3027×1029)

hIXQN.jpg (2400×3200)

The marching band did a “Single Ladies” tribute (they were playing to the alumni, not the students, so my video is screwy):

And today was lame. Except for the dining hall chicken that was suuuuper good. Nom.

Day 58/59/60: Lake Mary doesn’t have school tomorrow and that sucks because I have to wake up at 7:45am.


2 Comments to “Days 58, 59, and 60: In which the Gator Growls, we lose to MSU, and there is really good chicken in the dining hall, respectively.”

  1. Thanks for the awesome post, I loved being able to get all the details about this weekend that Simon left out. xo

  2. great times, jo! funny stuff. but you need to fig out a way to resize your photos bc for people that subscribe to your blog, the pictures are ENORMOUS! love, Dad

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