Day 55, 56, 57: In which I study.

I’m sorry, I suck for not blogging.

This week is the perfect example of work hard, play hard. I had two exams today and 1 quiz, and studying for them all this week has taken up all of my time and run me ragged.

However! They are over, and it is now time for a saweet three-day weekend. Tomorrow is the Homecoming Parade and Gator Growl, and Saturday is the Mississippi State game (I bought a ticket). Today I got my BEAT t-shirt (it’s white!) in preparation. I’m really really excited.

Other notable things that happened while I wasn’t blogging include:

a) Jeff Demps getting on to the 120 (my bus) when I was on it (to ride from the Journalism College to the Hub, which means that he is just as lazy as the rest of us). I did not speak to him, just kind of stared. Weird? Well, he’s not my lova Trey Burton, so…

b) meeting Ellis Amburn, a biographer. He’s pretty legit and told us some juicy gossip about rockstars. He also said, “I stopped writing the Tim Tebow bio when I realized he was an asshole.” Ha.

c) the dining hall serving spaghetti for self-serve! I had so much pasta that night.

d) downloading music on my (now authorized) iTunes! I’m in heaven listening to the Classical Tribute to the Jonas Brothers and the Piano Tribute to the Jonas Brothers. It’s cool because I know the songs so there’s that familiarity, but it sounds different enough to help me focus. Check a sample song.

I also downloaded “Speak Now” by Taylor Swift; God, I wish I was her.

e) getting a 92 on my Journalism test. Hmph.

f) successfully waking up (on time!) from my nap this afternoon.

And now Ruchi and I are going to hang out with some of our friends. This weekend is going to rock!

This is really cool — check it out.

Also, can we all share our bewilderment at the Back To the Future pictures/videos coming out? lolwut?!

I need to stop blogging and get ready. Bye.

Day 55/56/57: Who am I kidding. All I did was study.


One Comment to “Day 55, 56, 57: In which I study.”

  1. What happens on day 58?

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