Days 50, 51, 52, 53, 54: In which I consume alot of Mochi, go home, see Jono’s play three times, see Abby, and have a bad test.

I had a great ending to the week. It was Ruchi’s birthday, so we went out late for some Mochi. Friday, I went home for the weekend to see Jono’s play (and see his Thespian tapping!). Sunday came way too fast, and I studied last night and today for my Journalism test.

Here’s where I start to rant:

So the test went badly — I thought it was going to be easy, right? We haven’t really learned anything in depth (scratch that — at all), we’ve just brushed over things I learned in 9th grade Journalism I and listened to a few speakers. He even sent us what we needed to study — our notes, some New York Times stories, and some readings from our textbook. I read them all, made pneumonic devices, et cetera and thought that I was ready. I was so wrong.

As soon as I got into class, I found out that this test was one of only two grades we have in the class. Aka if I bombed it (which is a realistic possibility — I’m predicting a 75ish), my grade is screwed and I’ll get a bad grade in Intro to Journalism. INTRO. TO. JOURNALISM. How is that going to look on my transcript/resume when I’m trying to get a job writing somewhere? “Oh, well, this Julia here looks like she’d be a good candidate but it looks like she failed JOU1101… I’m now seriously questioning her intelligence and academic drive. Maybe we should just go with this person from Tampa who’s been writing for the St. Petersburg Times their entire life.” Awesome.

The test was nuts — the questions asked us where the articles we read took place (like Plainsville, AL vs LA; we’re not talking like NYC or something) and asked minute details and statistics barely talked about by our guest speakers (who, for the record, were boring as anything). One question asked about All Souls’ Day, which apparently is different from All Saints’ Day. Another asked about types of media and listed PR as one of them. Anyone know? Christ.

Don’t even get me started on the test’s format — shouldn’t a Journalism professor be able to create a test that has the multiple choice answers on separate lines.

I’m now in the library being angry and listening to loud music because I have to drown out the girl next to me who snorts/sniffs every five seconds and it sounds like a cell phone vibrating against a clam shell or something. I want to get Starbucks but my giftcard only has like $3 on it and I don’t have any cash. It’s hot outside again and the dining hall dinner food will undoubtedly suck.

I’m, quite clearly, in a bad mood. I highly doubt that I will blog again tonight, so this is it. Excuse my general pissiness but please understand how important me getting a good grade in INTRO TO JOURNALISM (MY ONE CREDIT CLASS) is.

Day 54: I suck at life and Journalism, apparently. Goodbye, future.


2 Comments to “Days 50, 51, 52, 53, 54: In which I consume alot of Mochi, go home, see Jono’s play three times, see Abby, and have a bad test.”

  1. It’s going to be okay. You’ll do well on the next grade since you now know what to expect. Life isn’t always fair but good people like you will always come out on top – not people like loud-mouth girl from tampa. Buck up! Now to study for math and bugs and people…ly

  2. you did well on the test! i told you.

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