Day 49: In which I go to a party… for 15 minutes.

So, I didn’t blog last night and I don’t really have time to now. I was just so tired (and currently am). I did math homework until about 1:15am last night, and I need to continue studying because I have a quiz.

Let me quickly tell you, though, how nice it was outside here yesterday. I spent about three hours outside studying. Outside! In Florida! It was lovely.

SuzyQ.jpg (640×480)

(those may or may not be my TEAM JONAS sunglasses)

At any rate, tomorrow is my roommate Ruchi’s birthday, and at some point this weekend I need to buy her a gift. Tonight we’re going to Mochi to celebrate. It should be good, if I can get through the rest of today. :|

Day 49: Was pretty good until the very end of the night.


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