Day 47: In which I go to Pita Pit (again).

To tell you the truth, I just really haven’t been on a creative kick these past few days. Today is really no exception. I’m totally happy and fine, but I’m not feeling like writing anything in detail. I don’t feel very funny, and I kind of dreaded having to post tonight simply because I don’t want to disappoint everyone. (<– I hope this doesn’t sound too precocious. I don’t mean for it to sound bad, honest. I’m just kind of in a weird mood)

I will, however, do my best to tell you what’s been going on. A list will most likely help.

1. So I went back to Pita Pit.

In my defense, I had a good reason. While I was there on Friday enjoying one of the best (alright, only) pitas I’ve ever had, I decided to sign up for the text message coupon service — and they sent me a great deal the next day! A free pita with the purchase of a $3 combo… did you really expect me to pass that up? Nom. Si and I went tonight and although my pita was delish, it wasn’t quite up to par. Nonetheless, I just signed up for the Pita Pit e-club. Is this excessive?

2. The weather was nice here today.

I actually had to wear a zip-up hoodie outside this morning because I was so chilly! I love love LOVE cold weather, so I’m really excited for the days to come (fingers crossed it doesn’t get hotter). People here are rejoicing — everyone is outside all the time, laying in the grass napping and studying at the concrete tables. I actually met for a group project today at the Plaza of the Americas; we worked on a picnic blanket. At night, the temperature dropped a little more — Ruchi just said it’s 65 outside, which seems accurate to me.

3. There was a shooting in Gainesville today.

No worries, I’m totally fine. Simon called me when I was walking back from class and told me the shooter was on campus, and I freaked out a little before going to his dorm with Matt. There, I asked my mom for details (Simon was too busy using his computer for Starcraft to look anything up) and upon learning more, I stopped worrying. The stress, of course, necessitated the trip to Pita Pit.

4. I am an origami master.

Right so not quite.

SZffx.jpg (640×480)

But I did spend two hours last night making this dodecahedron. (Psst… want to know a secret? I used one piece of tape. It’s a doughnut piece and it’s inside because my last two folds weren’t as tight as I wanted them to be. My professor will never know) I am relatively proud of myself. It took a long time, man. At least I’m ready for THAT class tomorrow (I haven’t done my Bugs and People reading and most likely will not because I am a bad/lazy student).

5. I created a new snack!

Well, not really. It’s a snack that everyone has known about for probably centuries, but I just have started regularly consuming. I make it with supplies from the dining hall because that food is basically free (note: it actually isn’t. It cost my family like $1700. Therefore, I am justified in sneaking ingredients out, right?) (note: I’m not like stealing or sneaking or anything. Because I am grossly conspicuous in everything I do — mainly because I trip/nervous laugh/just generally look wholly suspicious — I just ask for a to-go box).

From the salad bar, I get an apple or two — green, preferably, because they’re a) crisper and b) fresher and therefore c) provide a better d) crunch and e) flavor contrast with the peanut butter (side note: if I was British, I would revel in getting to spell flavor ‘flavour’. It’s like, sooo sophisticated. But really. What’s your favorite colour?). I then go to the self-serve sandwich station and get some peanut butter. Occasionally, I go to the bakery station and pick up some chocolate chips (note: this doesn’t really work too well, as I explained in a previous post, because I put the to-go box in my backpack and then have chocolate coated notebooks by the time I get to my room).

Upon my arrival, I cut up the apple on my desk, stir the peanut butter with the mini chocolate chips in the box, and eat the slices right off of my desk.

GFiBD.jpg (385×475)


Problems: 1) the apples are small; 2) my cutting board/desk gets all sticky; 3) this makes everything else sticky. Although my mom told me tonight to get out my Clorox wipes and use them, I usually just a) just live with the stickiness until b) it is unbearable and I c) go get a tissue, wet it, and mostly wipe off my workspace (I’m taking the lists to the extreme today, amirite?).

Sometimes I don’t use a fork because I am starving and cannot wait another minute to eat. I usually eat this snack at night because it’s enough sugar to keep me going without keeping me up when I do reach the time for sleep. Nom:

1BKAU.jpg (640×480)

And well, my friends, although there is alot more to talk about, it is 12:48am and I have an extremely busy day tomorrow starting at 7:45am. Ugh. So few hours of sleep, so much with which to deal. I’ll talk to you tomorrow, world.

Day 47: Today was characterized and epitomized by culinary experimentation (apples/peanut butter) and somewhat satisfaction (Pita Pit).

PS: I thought I lost my favorite book today for a while until I found it. Phew, crisis averted! (This is an example of a big event that happens during my day. It’s not all excitement about buses full of hot surfers or huge nosebleeds)

PPS/PSS: I really like the song “When These Walls Are Down” by Mirror Pal. I love the the universe begins and ends in this room line. It’s so poetic. <3


One Comment to “Day 47: In which I go to Pita Pit (again).”

  1. The dodecahedron is really pretty. I’ll bet you are glad you don’t have to make 400 of those for the end of class.

    Do you have to remember how to make things like this for the end of class exam??
    You need to go to bed earlier!!!!!
    Love OMA

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