Days 44/45/46: In which I make applesauce brownies, develop a Pita Pit obsession, and Simon comes back, respectively.

Sorry for not updating.

Friday night Ruchi and I (armed with coupons) went to our local Pita Pit, a restaurant I’ve only been to once. It was delicious! I had a philly cheesesteak (IN A PITA!!!) and some chips, but most importantly COCA COLA. I love Coke. Nom. Free refills, too.

Afterwards, Ruchi and I decided to make brownies with some of our friends. Samyak doesn’t eat eggs, so we used applesauce instead. The brownies were alright — they needed added chocolate to overpower the applesauce taste. I think cooking them longer also would have helped get rid of the applesaucy consistency (it was a little weird). While the brownies cooked (and after), we met up with some more friends in our lounge and just talked and hung out. It was really fun, but I was exhausted.

Yesterday, Ruchi and I slept realllllly late and I did homework all day. UF lost to Alabama in the football game, and while I get that it’s a big deal, I just don’t really care that much (I didn’t even watch the game). I Skyped twice with Simon, called my mom a few times, talked to Oma, and lurked on everyone’s Homecoming pictures. I really wish I could have been at home this weekend; I’m pretty pumped to come back next weekend.

Today, I am grumpy. I had a really good dream last night/this morning and waking up was like the worst reality check ever. I’ve been in bed since. I got up to get dressed/put on makeup/straighten my hair and intended to go start getting things done, but then remembered the warmth of my sheets and I’m back in them. I turned our air conditioning to medium last night, so our room is nice and cool and lets me imagine that the temperature outside is nice, too. I kind of don’t want to go out because I don’t want to face the fact that it is hot. This upcoming week was supposed to have one day on which the high was 77 degrees (!!!!), but as we’ve neared, the temperature has risen to a nice 83. :(

This post is 100% rambling and procrastination. I have math homework to do.

Eventually I will get hungry enough and emerge from my bed/room and go to the dining hall, but as for now I’m content with sitting here starving and wasting time.

Day 44: Good conversations.

Day 45: Did laundry, dried it, left it in the laundry container overnight. Wrinkled everything!

Day 46: Just beginning.

PS I really want to see The Social Network.


One Comment to “Days 44/45/46: In which I make applesauce brownies, develop a Pita Pit obsession, and Simon comes back, respectively.”

  1. I miss you and I love coke too (diet, of course!). Don’t feel guilty for sleeping late. Midnight brownie making sounds like fun- it’s not the quality of the food that matters, it’s the comraderie that is important!

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