Day 43: In which I hold a HUGE cockroach.

Okay so yeah. Remember how yesterday I mentioned that my Bugs and People professor was bringing in REAL LIVE BUGS today? Well, he did.

Huge tarantulas and millipedes (not pictured):ChAKM.jpg (1280×960)

8fzOd.jpg (1280×960)


And also Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches (read: absolutely ginormous cockroaches), which were available for holding. This is an example of one (not my hands):

ap_hissing_roach_080410_ssh1.jpg (531×411)

I was pretty freaked out at first — not because I was worried it would hurt me, but because it just kind of creeped me out. But after some encouraging (read: egging on/teasing) by my professor, I held one in my hand. Only for like half of a second though.

For my efforts, I got two stickers:

Cyzlq.jpg (640×480)

Dz1hM.jpg (640×480)

Zq5tq.jpg (640×480)

In other news, I really like this new Michael Buble video (the Justin Bieber ref is saweet):

Tomorrow I only have one class. In all seriousness, I’ve gone to like 50% of my classes this week. International Relations was canceled Wednesday and Friday, Bugs and People let out way early today, and Origami was canceled. Origami is a good thing because I’m not done with my dodecahedron yet.

I’m in the Tolbert library with Simon right now and I’m getting ready to do some serious folding.

Day 43: Today I got a piece of pizza from the dining hall and COVERED it in what I thought was parmesan cheese. Upon tasting it, I realized that I had in fact showered my pizza in garlic powder. I ate it anyway and now my breath is rank, dawg.

PS: I really really really REALLY wish my iTunes would authorize. Right now I can only play about 70% of my music in my library and I can’t download any new songs. It’s really frustrating. In the meantime, I’m into this:


2 Comments to “Day 43: In which I hold a HUGE cockroach.”

  1. YES are making good choices in music!!!
    Keep up the good work.
    Love OMA

  2. i also wish your iTunes would authorize (for my computer)


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