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October 30, 2010

Days 71/72: In which there is so much good food at the dining hall and I watch the Project Runway finale, respectively.

Guys, last night was nuts at the dining hall. This month (and into November), for some reason, Gator Corner is doing promotional days where they have like themes. This week, there has been a Crepe Day, a Chicken Wing Day, and — best of all — a Halloween treats Day. Omg. So much good food — macaroni and cheese (!), chicken fingers (!), curly french fries (! just like Arby’s!), and caramel apples (!!!!!). I had a feast last night. Nom.

Tonight, I watched the Project Runway finale. I must say — I’m disappointed that Mondo didn’t win. I don’t think that Gretchen deserved first place; quite frankly, I think she was a bitch the entire season (although maybe not as bad as Ivy). Her clothes are so not cute. Hmph.

I think I’m going to watch Glee now and go to sleep. Tomorrow I need to do some work… I finished my International Relations study guide, but still need to memorize it; also, I have to start/complete my half of the Bugs and People study guide to send to Nick Sunday for Thursday’s exam.

My tie dye shirt turned out really spectacularly. I’ll show you guys a picture of me wearing it sometime in the next few days.

My schedule for next semester is slowly working itself out. Right now, the only class I’m sure I’ll be taking is MMC2100, which is the next journalism course in the sequence. It’s the prereq for Reporting, which is super hard and is like the make-or-break journalism course. Eep. Additionally, I’m looking into taking an art history course and sign language class, but neither of those are confirmed.

Like I said a few posts back, I really really loved The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. I actually just found out that she wrote the Gregor the Overlander series (which I also loved; so legit) and that makes total sense. The Hunger Games was like a mix of James Patterson’s Maximum Ride series, Gary Paulsen’s (<3) Hatchet, and Jeanne Du Prau’s City of Ember; it was adventure and love and suspense and dynamic characters. It’s probably the best example of a true ‘page-turner’ that I’ve read in a while — I blew through it because it was just so good. There are three released books in the series but I looked in our bookstore and the next one is only available in hardcover for $18 (even a book of this caliber can’t quite justify that price). None of our libraries on campus have it, so at the moment I’m out of luck.

Silly thought: I’ve been contemplating making a list of every book I’ve ever read. Seriously. Like just sitting down and starting an Excel chart and listing everything I can remember, and then adding to it for months as things occur to me. I could keep a little running list with me at all times so when I’m sitting on the bus and I remember something I can add it to the list when I get home. Is this stupid? (Answer me honestly.) I’m legitimately curious as to how many books I’ve read. Obviously I couldn’t remember them all, but wouldn’t it be interesting to at least have some relative estimate?

In all seriousness, I wish there was some sort of career for me that involved reading juvenile and young adult fiction books. I think that’s what I’m best at (and always have been); from reading Sunshine State books before the school year started to continuing to read younger books and evaluating them. I don’t know. I just really like it.

While we’re talking about books (be warned this is only tangentially — I love that word — related), I want to reread the last Harry Potter book again before the movie comes out next month. Usually I read the whole series, but I have college work to do (haha)! I’m toying with the idea of trying to go see the movie at midnight when it’s released; this ordeal would involve lots of bus transfers and planning with different people’s exams but if we can make it work, why not?

Sorry for the general all-over-the-place-ness of this post, it just seems like these things are occurring to me in no order whatsoever and if I don’t type them fast (neglecting punctuation, obviously, because run-on is SO the newest trend. Jk. I don’t have to write too eloquently on my blog, right? That’s how it works?), I’ll forget. For example, I just had something to write about Cambio but forgot it.

Oh — remembered. I hate the Santry sisters. Geez.

On a nicer note, Taylor Swift’s new CD rocks. I have it on repeat/shuffle. I haven’t yet decided on my favorite song, but I’ve been listening to the acoustic version of “Haunted” recently when I’m feeling down. Taylor Swift is so cool (I know I sound mindless. I am. It’s 11:46pm on a Friday night). I just spent twenty minutes trying to use Pixelmator to put my face on hers but I failed.

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve kind of given up on UFotographs. I was forcing a picture a day (and ending up taking pictures of stupid things), so I’m just going to post pictures here when I take them. Wow, I used the word ‘picture’ three times in that sentence.

It’s time for this post to end. I’m going to watch Glee now.

Days 71/72: Had the dinner of a five year old and loved it!

October 28, 2010

Days 69/70: In which I miss Glee and tie dye, respectively.

Yes, it’s true… I missed Glee yesterday.

This week has been nuts with studying to do. This weekend isn’t going to go well, and next week doesn’t get any better. I’ve got so many study guide questions to do.

However, three things have helped me take a break:

1) Listening to this.

This kid is going to make it big. I friend requested him on Facebook, but he hasn’t responded.

2) Playing this.

3) Tie-dying a shirt today in the Plaza of the Americas. It’s drying right now!

rIyzZ.jpg (1800×2400)

I’m tired [of everything]. I need to shower and sleep.

Days 69/70: INR/ENY/UFvGA/registration is going to kill me.

October 26, 2010

Days 66/67/68: In which I am home and there is a huge cockroach in our room, respectively.

I had a GREAT weekend at home. Upon my arrival at UF last night, I went to the library and studied for my math test. I spent most of today doing that as well.

However, Ruchi and I have a situation in our room. We can’t go into our closet. Last night, we found a HUUUUUGE cockroach on the wall of our closet and we were both too scared to kill it. I went to find a boy, but none were available for extermination. A girl came to get it, but decided instead that she wanted to save it so it could live (she was going to let it go outside). Her plan was to flick it off the wall using a pen and catch it in a little envelope she’d made of paper towels, but as soon as she flicked it, THE BUG TOOK FLIGHT AND ALL OF A SUDDEN FLEW AROUND OUR CLOSET AND DISAPPEARED.

So now we can’t get dressed because we can’t locate the bug. Bummer.

On a totally unrelated note, the dining hall served chimichangas tonight and they were spectacular, surprisingly. I actually consider myself somewhat of a chimichanga connoisseur (in fact, tonight’s chimi was my second one in the past 72 hours), so I had my doubts when I saw the guy serving them.

Like, the dining hall’s biggest problem is that they try to make too complicated dishes. There’s almost always some sort of Caribbean schezuan pasta with sole, but never solid spaghetti and meatballs. However, tonight (!), the chimichangas were perfect — just yellow rice (I didn’t know that rice went into chimichangas, but it was good), cheese, and beef. And not overcooked beef, either! Perfectly done, spiced, awesome, chimi beef. Nom nom nom. The fried tortillas were superb and crunchy in all the right places. Yay.

I’m going to cut this blog post short here because I’m reading a really cool book called The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins and I’m beyond anxious to read more tonight. More tomorrow!

Day 68: I had two chimichangas, nom!

October 22, 2010

Days 63/64/65: In which I watch a comedy competition, eat Panda Express, and go home, respectively.

Sorry for not blogging. Last night Simon and I spent about two hours at a stand up comedy contest (18 student comics, 5 minutes each) in an on-campus restaurant/bar called Orange and Brew (see what they did there?). I was soooo tired, so I conked out right upon coming home (and showering and calling my mom, of course). Tonight we went to the Reitz Union for dinner (I had a huge amount of fried rice and was super satisfied). I’m again very exhausted, but I don’t have class until 11:45 tomorrow; therefore, I decided you needed a quick update.

Tomorrow afternoon, I’m going home. I know I went home the weekend before last, but I’m pretty excited to go see my family and relax a bit. Last time it was Jono’s play weekend so it was nuts; this weekend should be a little (by a tiny bit) less crazy. Maybe I can actually get some studying done for Monday’s math test.

Just a quick few things before I climb into bed with my computer and Reddit until I fall asleep:

1. This site is really cool. The future of music videos? It’s customized to your house (I used Grand Tree) and in that, is pretty surreal. The song is good too. I’ve done/watched this about five times using different addresses and haven’t gotten tired of it yet.

2. I have a whole bunch of music I want to buy on iTunes. Like $15ish, $20 worth to buy. Joe Brooks and next week’s Taylor Swift… oh my!

3. Class registration is kind of crazy. I need to do some serious contemplation and get really advised before November 16.

In case you were wondering, I’m not a fan of The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky. Like, it’s a bunch of celebrities’ favorite book (namely, Kevin Jonas) and it’s quoted often when talking about teenagers, but I just don’t get the appeal. I bought it a few summers ago (most likely because Kevin said something about it), and have read it probably five times since.

I keep hoping that I’ll have an epiphany where it either a) becomes the spectacular novel everyone says it is or b) I all of a sudden get/appreciate it. So far, nothing.

It’s not like it’s a bad book at all. I mean, the story is okay (very Catcher in the Rye-esque — no real plot or movement of time, just a lot of self-exploration and narration) and I understand that it’s supposed to be like that because it’s one of those loss of innocence/maturation novels. I just am continually underwhelmed by everything else — the characters aren’t particularly likable, the events that happen (to be honest) make me uncomfortable at times, and the entire book is just all over the place. The reader has to do a lot of connecting and thinking as the story continues, but there’s really no suspense or puzzle to figure out. The ending is lackluster and although it’s nice in a closure sort of way, it’s truly just sad.

One good thing has come of it, though: in researching how to correctly spell Chbosky, I learned that this December they’re going to start filming a movie adaptation starring Logan Lerman and Emma Watson. At least that will be cute, right?

Days 63/64/65: I love rice and am not going to blog tomorrow night because I’ll be in my own bed! :)

PS: God, Obama is da bomb.

October 20, 2010

Day 62: In which I go to Tijuana Flats (!).

(picture courtesy of my adorable boyfriend Simon)

Backstory: I haven’t been to Tijuana Flats since I moved to Gainesville, which means it’s been at least two months since my last Taco Tuesday. I wasn’t sure that the Tijuana here on University (is it a Blvd? Ave? I could look it up but am muuuuch too lazy to open the new tab and like type it in and stuff) would do the Taco Tuesday deal since it’s next to a college (I’m finding out more and more that restaurants that usually have deals like that don’t around colleges because of a reason I can’t remember right now). However, I researched it and they do!

I went tonight with Simon after my class but during the Glee that I thought was happening tonight but is actually happening next week. IT WAS SO GOOD. AND THEY SERVED COKE! <- capitalization denotes epic excitement

Nom nom nom. Plus, he and I had a really good conversation while we were there. I enjoyed the night very much. Afterwards, we went to his dorm and went through a bunch of old Facebook posts and pictures and had a good time remembering everything.

It was awesome.

Except for now it’s midnight and I haven’t showered. I need to go to bed so I can get up for my 8:30am class tomorrow; thank God that I can come back and snooze afterwards! I looove naps.

Day 62: Oh, Tijuana, how I (and my stomach) missed you.

October 19, 2010

Day 61: In which I spend some quality time at the library. Aw yeah.

Today was a Monday, and went as Mondays typically do. It’s now 11:09pm and I’m in the Tolbert Library with Simon. I need to go back to my room soon so I can go to sleep because Tuesdays suck.

Things That Happened Today That Are Worth Mentioning (Read: Blogging About):

1. I found out I got an 86 on my Bugs and People test. I’m dissatisfied but not upset… I just wish I had done better.

2. There was a 5-point curve on my Journalism test, which means I now have a 97. Sweet.

3. My Rock n Roll professor posted our test grades and I got a 238.67/225!

4. I had strawberries with my breakfast this morning. (context: I LOVE STRAWBERRIES)

5. Last night, Ruchi says that I got out of bed around 1am and started saying “Oh my God. This can’t happen. This can’t happen.” and then got back in bed and went to sleep.

6. This morning, I woke up wrapped in my phone charger cord and thus was intensely confused as to a) where my phone was, b) why I couldn’t move, and c) from where the alarm sound was coming. How did I get tangled in my phone charger cord? Very valid question. Ruchi suggests that it happened during the incident mentioned in 5.

7. I took a different bus(the 118) to the Hub this morning because I missed my 120 at 7:58 due to the aforementioned phone event. It did not have air conditioning.

8. I was on the same eating schedule as Patric Young (I saw him at breakfast and lunch). Similarly, I saw this guy on the bus today.

9. I went to my International Relations TA’s (the nipple/shaving guy) office hours today to go over my last exam, and he told me that I needed to speak up more in class. Apparently, he doesn’t realize that EVERY TIME I OPEN MY MOUTH HE CORRECTS ME? Sorry for the caps; I just feel strongly.

10. I wore a shirt that was in fall colors — olive green. But still my white sandals.

11. Kristin Harmel spoke in my Journalism class today. Can I be her when I grow up?

That’s about it. I want to go to Taco Tuesday tomorrow night. I’m epic excited for Glee. I want to go to Universal. Simon fistbumped me really hard today. I need to be seriously advised on my next semester’s schedule.

Day 61: Began with the adventure of trying to untangle myself; ended in a relatively mundane way.

October 18, 2010

Days 58, 59, and 60: In which the Gator Growls, we lose to MSU, and there is really good chicken in the dining hall, respectively.

Hello, interwebs. Let it be known that I am not currently in the best of moods right now, but it has been suggested that blogging might augment the situation. Here I go, but be forewarned.

The weekend started Thursday night after I got out of my Rock n Roll test (which went surprisingly well). Ruchi, Simon, and some friends were going to go out clubbing in downtown Gainesville. I got dressed up (read: wore dark jeans, a black tanktop, and my silver sequined ballet flats), everyone met in our room (read: saw my bras and underwear everywhere while waiting for other people to arrive), and we took a bus off campus (read: stood at the bus stop until a bus came by and we got on it, not really knowing where we were getting off). The night went downhill from there, though — we never actually set foot inside of a club due to leadership issues (read: we walked all around because this random guy Ruchi didn’t even ask to come with us decided to take charge even though he was totally clueless).

Regardless, we stayed up pretty late — we fell asleep about 2am. Ruchi and I super-slept in (like, seriously, hibernated) until about 11:30am the next morning, at which time we decided to go to the Homecoming Parade.

It. Was. Nuts, to say the least. Alachua County canceled school so that all of their students could not only attend but participate in the parade. There must have been over a hundred floats, themes and sponsors ranging from tutoring businesses to construction companies to dog charities. There were like ten high school marching bands, and there were little kids everywhere. That’s not to say, however, that there were no older people in it — it seemed like every Gainesville resident, no matter their age, was there.

On Facebook, the parade was advertised as being from 12pm to 2pm. Okay, I thought to myself. So that means it’s probably like twenty minutes long, but the whole thing (as they travel from the O’Connell Center to the end of University Avenue) will take the participants two hours to walk. I was so wrong. The parade itself was two hours long! That right there is solid evidence of how many floats and people there were. Both sides of the street were jammed with people, vendors were selling cotton candy and hotdogs, music was blaring, and churches had set out their chairs for people to sit on. There were Gators fans EVERYWHERE. So much UF merchandise and enthusiasm. I’ve never seen so much spirit.

Hold up. According to this article, the crowd was smaller than usual?????? Wut????

Then that night was Gator Growl, an event for the students and alumni to celebrate Homecoming before the game. It’s held in The Swamp. In past years, UF has hired musicians to perform, but this year they chose to go with comedians. Dan Levy, Kevin Hart, and Aziz Ansari headlined.

03myB.jpg (3000×4000)

Dan Levy was my favorite (because he was the cutest? Not sure). He opened his routine by walking onstage and immediately saying, “They told me not to curse, but I just have to say… f**k Florida State!” The crowd went nuts. Kevin Hart was funny because he told stories about his dog and kids. Aziz Ansari was definitely the shining star of the three, but only got me laughing really hard a few times. All in all, great show.

However, in between acts, they showed commercials for other sports (like basketball and volleyball) and had their coaches come onstage to introduce the team. Nobody really cared about them, and the introductions soon became a nuisance.

One really cool thing that they did do was show clips of a bunch of celebrities saying “Let the gator growl!” — Ashley Greene, Tim Tebow, Jason Mraz, et cetera. Seeing them was legit.

Afterwards, I went back to Tolbert with Simon, Joe, Matt, Griffin, and Lauren and we ordered pizza. I slept soon after.

Yesterday was game day, and it was pretty sweet (except for the part where we lost). I slept in late. Around 4:30, Simon and I decided to explore and ended up at Burrito Bros., a place that has been recommended to each of us no less than a dozen times (to me by Dr. Zak… *swoooon*). Needless to say, it was awesome.

The restaurant itself was in kind of a sketchy area (I’m sure Simon will post the video soon — I narrated and filmed while he ordered) but inside a fence, it was like a cute little cafe. It was PACKED with people, so we ate on a bench.

5tPR1.jpg (2400×1800)

This was our haul:

H24nb.jpg (2800×2100)

I got a chicken burrito, Simon ordered a pork burrito. We ordered chips and limeade (not a fan). The burritos were SPECTACULAR (mine was spiiiicy), but the chips were stale and very disappointing. Our theory is that maybe because it was gameday that they made a ton of them and by the time we arrived the chips had been sitting out for hours. Who knows? It was pretty good, even with the chip issue.

MHZ9d.jpg (3600×2700)

We then went to the game, which was kind of a let down. I will say this: every single person in the student section thought the last field goal was in (because we were viewing it from the side). We erupted and celebrated before finding out that it didn’t go in! :(

Simon and I drank a cup of the best lemonade ever, took a bunch of pictures, and went to Pita Pit afterwards, so the night was good.8QytZ.jpg (3027×1029)

hIXQN.jpg (2400×3200)

The marching band did a “Single Ladies” tribute (they were playing to the alumni, not the students, so my video is screwy):

And today was lame. Except for the dining hall chicken that was suuuuper good. Nom.

Day 58/59/60: Lake Mary doesn’t have school tomorrow and that sucks because I have to wake up at 7:45am.

October 15, 2010

Day 55, 56, 57: In which I study.

I’m sorry, I suck for not blogging.

This week is the perfect example of work hard, play hard. I had two exams today and 1 quiz, and studying for them all this week has taken up all of my time and run me ragged.

However! They are over, and it is now time for a saweet three-day weekend. Tomorrow is the Homecoming Parade and Gator Growl, and Saturday is the Mississippi State game (I bought a ticket). Today I got my BEAT t-shirt (it’s white!) in preparation. I’m really really excited.

Other notable things that happened while I wasn’t blogging include:

a) Jeff Demps getting on to the 120 (my bus) when I was on it (to ride from the Journalism College to the Hub, which means that he is just as lazy as the rest of us). I did not speak to him, just kind of stared. Weird? Well, he’s not my lova Trey Burton, so…

b) meeting Ellis Amburn, a biographer. He’s pretty legit and told us some juicy gossip about rockstars. He also said, “I stopped writing the Tim Tebow bio when I realized he was an asshole.” Ha.

c) the dining hall serving spaghetti for self-serve! I had so much pasta that night.

d) downloading music on my (now authorized) iTunes! I’m in heaven listening to the Classical Tribute to the Jonas Brothers and the Piano Tribute to the Jonas Brothers. It’s cool because I know the songs so there’s that familiarity, but it sounds different enough to help me focus. Check a sample song.

I also downloaded “Speak Now” by Taylor Swift; God, I wish I was her.

e) getting a 92 on my Journalism test. Hmph.

f) successfully waking up (on time!) from my nap this afternoon.

And now Ruchi and I are going to hang out with some of our friends. This weekend is going to rock!

This is really cool — check it out.

Also, can we all share our bewilderment at the Back To the Future pictures/videos coming out? lolwut?!

I need to stop blogging and get ready. Bye.

Day 55/56/57: Who am I kidding. All I did was study.

October 11, 2010

Days 50, 51, 52, 53, 54: In which I consume alot of Mochi, go home, see Jono’s play three times, see Abby, and have a bad test.

I had a great ending to the week. It was Ruchi’s birthday, so we went out late for some Mochi. Friday, I went home for the weekend to see Jono’s play (and see his Thespian tapping!). Sunday came way too fast, and I studied last night and today for my Journalism test.

Here’s where I start to rant:

So the test went badly — I thought it was going to be easy, right? We haven’t really learned anything in depth (scratch that — at all), we’ve just brushed over things I learned in 9th grade Journalism I and listened to a few speakers. He even sent us what we needed to study — our notes, some New York Times stories, and some readings from our textbook. I read them all, made pneumonic devices, et cetera and thought that I was ready. I was so wrong.

As soon as I got into class, I found out that this test was one of only two grades we have in the class. Aka if I bombed it (which is a realistic possibility — I’m predicting a 75ish), my grade is screwed and I’ll get a bad grade in Intro to Journalism. INTRO. TO. JOURNALISM. How is that going to look on my transcript/resume when I’m trying to get a job writing somewhere? “Oh, well, this Julia here looks like she’d be a good candidate but it looks like she failed JOU1101… I’m now seriously questioning her intelligence and academic drive. Maybe we should just go with this person from Tampa who’s been writing for the St. Petersburg Times their entire life.” Awesome.

The test was nuts — the questions asked us where the articles we read took place (like Plainsville, AL vs LA; we’re not talking like NYC or something) and asked minute details and statistics barely talked about by our guest speakers (who, for the record, were boring as anything). One question asked about All Souls’ Day, which apparently is different from All Saints’ Day. Another asked about types of media and listed PR as one of them. Anyone know? Christ.

Don’t even get me started on the test’s format — shouldn’t a Journalism professor be able to create a test that has the multiple choice answers on separate lines.

I’m now in the library being angry and listening to loud music because I have to drown out the girl next to me who snorts/sniffs every five seconds and it sounds like a cell phone vibrating against a clam shell or something. I want to get Starbucks but my giftcard only has like $3 on it and I don’t have any cash. It’s hot outside again and the dining hall dinner food will undoubtedly suck.

I’m, quite clearly, in a bad mood. I highly doubt that I will blog again tonight, so this is it. Excuse my general pissiness but please understand how important me getting a good grade in INTRO TO JOURNALISM (MY ONE CREDIT CLASS) is.

Day 54: I suck at life and Journalism, apparently. Goodbye, future.

October 7, 2010

Day 49: In which I go to a party… for 15 minutes.

So, I didn’t blog last night and I don’t really have time to now. I was just so tired (and currently am). I did math homework until about 1:15am last night, and I need to continue studying because I have a quiz.

Let me quickly tell you, though, how nice it was outside here yesterday. I spent about three hours outside studying. Outside! In Florida! It was lovely.

SuzyQ.jpg (640×480)

(those may or may not be my TEAM JONAS sunglasses)

At any rate, tomorrow is my roommate Ruchi’s birthday, and at some point this weekend I need to buy her a gift. Tonight we’re going to Mochi to celebrate. It should be good, if I can get through the rest of today. :|

Day 49: Was pretty good until the very end of the night.