Day 42: In which I have no class.

I’ve been really nostalgic this week (Simon can attest).

Remember this blog, you guys?

8q0Hr.png (989×814)

I worked SO hard on that layout. Like, hours. I found it online and then I spent days tweaking it and changing fonts and learning the html language so it was totally perfect. WordPress really sucks with their layouts because they a) limit you to like 50 ugly/simple themes and b) don’t allow you to edit them (in CSS!) without paying for an account.

So I’m stuck with an unattractive blog. Hmph.

The reason this comes up is because I’ve been playing around on my Tumblr blog (not ufotographs, but redglassesgirl) today. Tumblr layouts are pretty good, but nothing beats the openness of Blogger (they allow you to use third-party codes).

That said, not much else happened today. Last night I found out that my 8:30 International Relations class was canceled (!!!!!!!!!!!!!), so I watched a movie on my computer and slept in this morning until noon. When I got up, I went to lunch with Simon and then did math homework all afternoon. Around 6, we decided we were hungry so we trekked to the Reitz Union for some delicious Panda Express. Nom.

Tomorrow should be relatively uneventful, and kind of bad. I’ve got 8:30 Bugs and People (he’s bringing in REAL LIVE ARTHROPODS, according to the emails — caps lock and all), 12:50 math discussion/quiz/homework collection, 3:30 meeting for a project, and 6:15 Rock and Roll.

I’m really not excited for this weekend. Simon’s going home and for some reason (it may just be my hormones) this genuinely bums me out. I also miss my family. I’m going home the weekend of October 8 to see Jono’s play and spend some quality time with the rest of the Glums, but this weekend is looking dreary.

Day 42: Fried rice! Mint chocolate chip milkshake! No classes, oh my.

PS: I found that Glee video.

I want to be looked at like that.


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