Day 40: In which I forget to sign the Honor Code on the front of my textbook.

Bad news, guys. I can’t ride the bus anymore here.


Well, today I was just sitting at a random stop for like ten minutes (the bus drivers do this. They just decide to take long stops sometimes. They eat, go to the bathroom, talk on the phone, whatever. I’m totally fine with it because they definitely deserve the break, but I am very confused by their methods of determining when to take their breaks. I have not yet found any sort of pattern or schedule. Aka you never know if it will take five minutes to get to the Hub or 20! It makes everything more exciting) and I read the bus rules. They are in picture form, presumably for the illiterate portion of UF.

ENdVi.jpg (1280×960)

At first, I understood.

Okay, I thought, so no smoking. That’s legitimate. A smoky bus would not be a good bus at all. The seats and sweaty guys smell bad enough already, we don’t need more odor. Plus, UF is a tobacco-free campus (please note that this is total bull. I see so many people smoke everywhere).

Alright, next, I thought to myself. No eating or drinking. Yeah, I guess that makes sense. If there was food allowed on the bus then people would spill it when the bus drivers took those over-enthusiastic turns.

The first two rules made sense. But then things got weird.

Next — no cassette tapes???????????? What? So I can blatantly use my iPod, my CD player, or my Clip Hits but if I want to listen to some good old fashioned tape music I have to smuggle it in??????? Does this seem like discrimination to anyone else?

You’ve gotta know that all of elementary school went like this for the tape:

V5vgk.jpg (1280×800)

So then I looked at the next rule. I initially thought it meant no chests without nipples allowed (poor Kyle XY), but I then understood what it actually meant: no surfers.

The reasoning behind this is that the seats would get all wet. Think about it.

It would be HORRIBLE to get on the bus to go to class and see this:

WBJFW.jpg (1280×800)

(Please note that when I talk about the bus, I am not referring to the pictured charter bus. I do NOT ride around on a charter bus all day. I ride around on an old Lynx bus. There were just no pictures of one online)

So then I looked at the last rule — no feet?????????? It seems like I’m constantly in total violation. I’m hoping the bus driver just doesn’t notice. I get on and off of the bus really fast so he doesn’t have enough time to look, but I think he might be onto me.

Can anyone send me some camouflage shoes?

Day 40: Not yet over, but it’s been loooong and rainy. Pumped for Glee tomorrow!


3 Comments to “Day 40: In which I forget to sign the Honor Code on the front of my textbook.”

  1. I am crying I am laughing so hard!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. this is fereaking hilarious!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA no surfers??!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA.. i cant stop laughing.

  2. in other bus related news: I USED THE BIKE THING ON THE BUS TODAY!

  3. You are so brave for using the bike thingy on the front of the bus, that intimidates the crap out of me. I could never do that quickly enough so that the other riders wouldn’t mock me when I finally got the bike into the thingy and boarded the bus…so much pressure

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