Day 38: In which it is Simon’s birthday (!!!!!).

Today is my adorable boyfriend Simon’s 18th birthday. We started it off right last night with some sushi and Mochi, and continued today by going out to lunch with his parents. We then went to the Butterfly Garden (capitalized? Too tired to check), afterwards back to our separate rooms for a nap and to freshen up, and then to the UF/UK game. Today/yesterday has been one of the best days I’ve had here at UF, and even in general. I’ve had SO MUCH FUN. :)

Two things I’ll cover (by the way, I’m like super tired. I’m so wiped. This school week was draining; the time I didn’t spend in class and studying I spent making birthday plans. Today was exhausting despite my 15-minute nap. I’m about to pass out):

The butterfly garden (uncapitalized for balance with before) was magical. Really, there’s no other way to describe it. Being inside the enclosure was like being in some exotic, magnificent (yet humid) place where nothing ever changes and nothing bad could happen. I don’t know. It was awesome. There are butterflies EVERYWEHRE — flying in front of you, behind you, around you, landing on you, feeding, floating, resting… whatever! It’s incredible.

I took a few pictures, but they didn’t really come out that well because they’re either a) too zoomed out for you to see the butterflies or b) too zoomed in for you to see the habitat.

wigVX.jpg (1800×2400)

kYq5R.jpg (2800×2100)

fM05j.jpg (3200×2400)

And et cetera. Wow.

So the game was phenomenal, as well. Because it was nighttime it wasn’t a bajillion degrees and it was so cool to be in the stadium at night with everyone around. Simon and I had incredible seats, were surrounded by interesting people (loud girl and guy who started a fight and got the police involved!), and drank some delicious lemonade.

gS1Bm.jpg (2400×3200)

Q4cb5.jpg (3200×2400)

pKh5o.jpg (2800×2100)

LyR7O.jpg (2700×3600)



In other news, tomorrow’s going to suck.


3 Comments to “Day 38: In which it is Simon’s birthday (!!!!!).”

  1. Sounds like a SUPER day. However I have a question. Is this the same Julia that was terrified of the butterfly garden we visited here in Orlando a couple of years ago?

  2. i don’t quite remember the mochi. do you think we could go again…just so i can retaste it and hopefully remember it this time?

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