Day 35: In which I get attacked by a monster.

Okay, fine… it was only a yellow jacket.

But holy cow did it hurt! And still does hurt! My entire foot is swollen from my toe-sting.

It is worth noting that including today, I have only been stung by a bee twice in my life.

The first time, I was happily swinging along at my elementary school playground when all of a sudden I felt a sharp pain in my leg.

No big deal, right? I just continued to swing (what? I was in third grade! I figured it wasn’t anything serious enough to interrupt recess). Ten seconds later, I felt another sharp pain. I hopped off my swing and started to walk over to my friend, who looked at me funny when all of a sudden the sharp pains started coming faster. I ran to my teacher, who sent me to the clinic with my friend. Every few steps, I felt the pain.

Upon my arrival to the clinic, I went into the bathroom, pulled down my pants, and a bee flew out! Imagine my surprise! And it was no ordinary bee — it was a yellow jacket or something.

Here’s the mystery: I had stings on both legs.

Then, today, I was all ready to catch the bus to meet Simon for lunch at Gator Corner when suddenly THERE WAS A KNIFE IN MY TOE. I took another (excruciating) step before looking down and seeing a YELLOW JACKET BEE WEDGED BETWEEN MY SANDAL AND MY TOE.

How in the world did it get there? I have no idea.

I picked it off, ran back to my dorm, missed my bus, sanitized my wound, and walked to Gator Corner. My foot felt really bad and so did my entire leg. (Note: I am in no way allergic to bee stings, I am just a drama queen.)

Since then, I have reached the conclusion that my foot is going to fall off. It’s very swollen and sore and I am very grumpy as a result.

7RLxJ.jpg (533×400)

For real!?!?! :(

Day 34 (because I forgot to do it yesterday): All about Glee (which wasn’t that great akshully).

Day 35: STUNG!!!!!! And also I worked on International Relations all day. Math test tomorrow. This sucks.


3 Comments to “Day 35: In which I get attacked by a monster.”

  1. Just so everyone knows:

    Julia acquired a bee sting today, but it was by no means what she makes it out to be. (i couldn’t see it)

    however, i still felt very bad for julia because she is too cute for bee stings.

  2. Get some cortisone no itch cream and sleep with a sock on, so you won’t be tempted to itch in the night

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