Day 33: In which I [struggle to] make a [kind of] icosahedron.

Look, I had a really good post planned out for today, but that was before I remembered I had to fold an icosahedron for origami class tomorrow.

It took me like an hour and my results are pretty horrible.

It looks good:

iFidk.jpg (640×480)

But it has a huge hole:

YbmdY.jpg (640×480)

… you’d never know it’s taped together!

FPJ9m.jpg (640×480)

Other highlights of the day: getting a waffle at breakfast, the person at Chick Fil A accidentally giving me a large fry instead of a small, and getting the rest of the pan of the alfredo tonight at dinner. Pathetic that my day revolved around food? :)

Day 33: So. Many. French fries.


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