Days 29 – 32: In which I take a test, I go to watch comedy, my family comes, and I get a stomach ache. :(/:)/:D/:|




Just kidding. I really didn’t have time to post, though. On Thursday night, I had homework to do. On Friday night, I went to watch this college comedy group at Orange and Brew in the Reitz Union and went to Mochi. On Saturday night, my family came! I had the best meal evar at McAllisters, my mom did my laundry, and I got to hang out with my brothers (and nom on more Mochi). And then today, I went to the library and did math homework until I had a stomach ache.

All that aside, I’m here now…

… eating cupcakes.

Let me explain — my wonderful, generous, awesome baker of a grandma read about my dining hall red velvet obsession and made me a batch to send up with my family! I have like 16 cupcakes and an entire Glad container of delicious (and REAL — not dining hall overly sugared) frosting! NOM NOM NOM.

I’ve only had two today, but wow they are so good. I wrote a note on my door and are sharing them with some of my hallmates because despite my intense desires to consume the entire batch, I probably should not if I want to attend class this week. (Wait — do I want to attend class? No! Is cupcake overdose a diagnosable disease? Could I get a doctor’s note and skip International Relations?)

This is a picture of me holding up a cupcake I’m about to eat. There’s red all in the frosting because I 1) do not have the forethought to get the icing out BEFORE I want it so it would be warm and spreadable and 2) because I do not have the patience to wait for it to warm. When I want a cupcake, I want it THEN. (Spoiler: it tastes the same = delicious.)

8XYUL.jpg (640×480)

Thank you, Oma! Nom!


At any rate, I really don’t want to read my International Relations homework.

Seriously man, I hate International Relations.

It’s so boring. My professor talks super fast and makes jokes that he thinks are funny because he understands what he’s talking about but nobody else gets them because we’re all a) stupid and b) asleep. By what cruel twist of fate did the UF schedule gods put a class about the ENTIRE WORLD’S POLITICS at 8:30am? Really?

Anyway, this is what most of my nights spent with my textbook look like:

fuIWE.jpg (640×480)

And my discussion section kind of sucks because everytime I speak, the TA explains exactly why I’m wrong. I mean I’m not like bitter about this (legit — I’m like a pretty uninformed person, on the whole), it just kind of sucks to be shot down every. single. time.

This Friday, though, I shone!

My TA (who in himself is a post — he did his undergraduate degree in Greece, his master’s in the UK, and is now at UF getting his PhD. Also, I’m like 99% sure he shaves his legs. Oh, and I think he has nipple rings in both nipples. Either that or he actually has four nipples because there are four little bumps under his shirt clustered in twos. I wouldn’t surprised because he’s a little bit hot. If he ditched the facial hair) divided our like 40-person class into three groups and told us to argue three different points of view.

My group was the Marxists, which we automatically complained about because guess what? THERE’S A REASON MARXISM IS NO LONGER A PROMINENT PHILOSOPHY.

We started discussing and whatever, and I fell right into my role of note-taker (read: writing down what everyone said in between cursing about how stupid Marxism is). It was sweet, and we were cohesive, until we had to start debating against the Realists and Liberalists.

My shaven-but-n0t-shaven TA: Okay guys, let’s argue about the Iran/North Korea situation.

Realists: Well, we should do bla bla bla bla bla because of bla bla bla.

Liberalists: Right, we should implement a policy of bla bla bla. This would cause the effect of bla bla bla.

Marxists (after kind of anxiously glancing around at other group members waiting for someone to speak up and take one for the team): Um, well, we should bla.

Liberalists: But that’s impossible!

TA: Marxists, can you elaborate?

Marxists: Um, yeah… so the best choice is to bla because of economics.

Realists: But like that doesn’t even make sense!

Marxists: mumble mumble bla

TA: Marxists, can you speak up? Argue your point! Remember you’re being graded on your participation.

Marxists, wincing: So like bla, right? And then bla.

Liberalists: No. Bla bla bla that won’t work because of bla bla bla World War II.

Realists: Yeah, USSR bla bla bla. If we look at the past then bla.

TA: They’ve got a good point.

Realists: *smug smiles*

Liberalists: We don’t think so. Bla bla bla what about Israel? Marxists, your theories can’t work.

TA: Liberalists, nice job! Marxists, can you defend that?

Marxists: mumble mumble sarcastic nope

TA: Marxists?

Marxists: Um, so… yeah. Bla bla here’s what we should do.

Liberalists: Do you like honestly believe that would work?!

Marxists: silence

TA: Marxists?

Kid in our group who arrived 20 minutes late to class and we think is high and hasn’t been participating in the discussion: Well, bla bla bla bla. Marxism thinks bla bla, but bla bla bla bla bla. This would create bla bla bla bla bla bla.

Rest of Marxist group: *in shock*

TA: All of what you just said is Realism.

Realism: Yeah, what he said! Points for us! *troll faces*

… and so on.

It’s safe to say that we lost.

Days 29 – 32: I miss my family already but I looove cupcakes. Also, thanks for nothing, Karl Marx.


2 Comments to “Days 29 – 32: In which I take a test, I go to watch comedy, my family comes, and I get a stomach ache. :(/:)/:D/:|”

  1. We miss you too. The boys and I loved seeing you and they especially liked their tour of campus. I liked the bats best and knowing you have clean clothes! Study hard and have fun

  2. I miss you. I am so glad you liked your cupcakes(with extra frosting)Sounds like everyone had a great time. Love

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