Day 28: In which UF is invaded by ZOMBIES!!!!! AHHHH

Also, I missed my bus this morning and walked to Turlington at 8 am today. :|

But anyway, this post is about my




She is the best, even though she talks in her sleep about her boyfriend and is sometimes mean to me.

I mean, it kind of sucks that her major is going to leave her homeless on the harsh streets of Gainesville, but she’ll make the best of it.

Ruchi only leaves her stuff all over our room on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Tuesdays, Sundays, Mondays, and Saturdays; she usually gets up really early every morning and cooks me a big breakfast of meat.

Also she demanded this post; fearing domestic violence, I obliged.


But in all seriousness, she’s a good roommate.


So I wasn’t kidding about the zombies on campus — it’s actually a part of this really huge goofy game called Humans vs. Zombies. Basically, everyone starts off as a human, wearing bandannas around their arms; this continues until a human gets attacked by a zombie (who has a bandanna around their head). Once you get attacked, you become a zombie (which isn’t good) and you’re out to get humans.

There are actually a lot of other rules about like Nerf guns and socks and stuff, but I don’t really understand all of that. All I know is that all day there have been people in bandannas running stealthily into buildings, armed and wary.


Well, I was going to write a lot more in this post and then I got distracted and had to Photoshop a picture of Ruchi with Tim Tebow for like 40 minutes.

nGyiG.jpg (604×483)

Day 28: Worried about tomorrow’s RnR test.


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