Day 26: In which I start feeling better.

Hi. I feel a little bit better now. However, I have a test tomorrow and my thoughts are quite scattered so this post will be written in list form. It allows me to express everything without conventions or boundaries and I feel like it’s a long post. Also, I feel like being able to

break sentences wherever I want will be


Today in list form:

  • I’m obsessed with Hyperbole and a Half and I wish
  • this blog was like hers.
  • I got a blister on the bottom of my foot
  • (how is that even possible?)
  • and some pretty intense headaches
  • but I’m overall feeling better, which is good.
  • I have my first test tomorrow —
  • Bugs and People —
  • and I need to study more but I can’t seem to focus.
  • excited for Glee next week
  • the part in my hair is burned from Saturday
  • my Tumblr is not updated with photos yet
  • tomorrow is Tuesday, aka very long day
  • my room is a little bit messy
  • I’m craving pasta
  • my deodorant is lost
  • I get tired of the slamming door
  • Simon is cute
  • I need to study now
  • but feel obligated to blog.
  • if I was an emoticon, I’d be :/
  • right
  • now

Day 26: Ever sniff, and then all of a sudden your head hurts really badly? Today, epitomized.


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