Day 25: In which I am sick.


I spent four hours of today in the library and the rest in bed. Right now, I’m in my floor’s lounge watching the VMAs with five other people and commenting on Lady GaGa’s fashion.

I didn’t really accomplish everything I wanted to this weekend mainly due to being sick. Not all of my homework is done (in fact, I’m not sure if I even did the right parts), but I only have two classes tomorrow. Hopefully I can come back after my first class and take a nap or at least rest.

I haven’t been very hungry, but tonight the dining hall had the perfect comfort food — pasta. They called it “pan lasagna,” but it was basically baked ziti. All I cared about was that it was warm and cheesy. I liked it — in between my waves of nausea.

I plan to go to bed somewhat early tonight; in fact, I’m already in pajamas. Biking to the dining hall was rough this morning, so maybe I’ll try to take a bus to Turlington tomorrow morning.

Day 25: Exhausting even though I didn’t do much. :/


One Comment to “Day 25: In which I am sick.”

  1. Just caught up with your blog. Loved that gator story – never doubt the eye of the camera. Bacon is not bacon if it is not crisp; it’s raw meat, YUK! Quran story was great; really enjoyed reading your comments and your perspective. Certainly agree with your closing comments on the so-called, self-proclaimed Rev. How exciting to get to your first Gator game.
    Just a note, but I recall reading somewhere that tickets for even the students were sometimes hard to get, yet at the local football game at Eau Gallie on Friday, they were actually selling tickets to Gator games?? Sorry you’re feeling under the weather and hope you feel better soon. Think it might have anything to do with all that enticing cake? :) Love, Nana

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