Day 23: In which I have a small Panda Express FEAST.

I’m learning about Venn Diagrams in my math class right now, so I made a few for you on Word (the fact that I have no control over how the graphic is placed inside the bubble and also I cannot center the textbox is really irritating) in lieu of a legitimate post. I’m pretty tired and need to rest up for tomorrow’s game! I’m so excited.

Without further ado:

SI54n.png (850×423)

Unfortunately true. All I do is plan to wake up early and then sleep through my alarm.

jXXv4.png (836×490)

Okay honestly it’s like the first thing I look for.

6W6T7.png (898×452)

Seriously, I wore exercise shorts today with a normal shirt because I am so. out. of. clothes.

GrPyy.png (749×559)

It just makes me sooooo sleepy (yes, that is a picture of my professor).

Day 23: Women’s volleyball is intense; I still don’t know the difference between chow and lo mein!


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