Days 20 and 21: In which the Great Bacon Binge of 2010 occurs.

Let me tell you what happened this morning.

I went to class (my only one on Wednesdays!) and spent most of it trying to stay awake by thinking about the breakfast I was going to consume afterwards. Nom nom nom. I biked quickly to the dining hall, went inside, and started to load up my plate with scrambled eggs + grits (thanks Dad) and biscuits, when my eyes suddenly alighted on the BACON TRAY.

My stomach did a little happy dance as I started to salivate, and then I might have actually jumped into the air from sheer excitement when the cafeteria guys came out with a new try just as I became next in line. I stepped up, tok the tongs, and froze — the bacon was soggy.

You see, I’m a crispy bacon kind of girl. Like this:

crispy-bacon.jpg (388×480)

NOT this:

bacon-2.JPG (350×320)

Like basically, chewy bacon sucks. I don’t know why I’m so opposed to it — I just feel like bacon is meant to be crunchy, not all full of skin. Plus I don’t really like when I can tell I’m eating meat because it makes me feel bad (seriously. If meat tastes like meat, I shy away. Weird but true).

So what did I do? Well, out of some sort of desperation, I decided to take a few (read: four) pieces of soggy bacon to go along with the rest of my breakfast. I subsequently sat down and happily ate.

However, even though my stomach was full, my brain kept working — thinking about bacon. What if the guys put out a new tray? I was just going to check…

And the pan was now brimming with hundreds (okay, like 50) of pieces of brand-new bacon that looked crispier than anything I’ve ever eaten.

So I took like six pieces.

And then I ate them very quickly. They were hot and crunchy and so so delicious that I neither stopped to consider the calories nor the possible side effects of mass bacon consumption.

Well, long story short, I had a stomach ache for all of today due to the Great Bacon Binge. It was a pretty big mistake and I have now sworn off of bacon for a few … days. What? It’s so good. Just ask Jeremy.

Day 20: :/.

Day 21: Bacon Binge not the greatest idea I’ve ever had; this is why I don’t eat breakfast… it’s too early to make rational decisions.

PS I’m really into Signs of Life by Andrew Belle.


2 Comments to “Days 20 and 21: In which the Great Bacon Binge of 2010 occurs.”

  1. Hey Julia! Weill I just heard about your blog and have read all of your entries up to date. First off, I have to say that your dorm room is super cute and colorful. It sounds like you are adjusting well to college life, eating well and getting plenty of exercise!!!! I hope you enjoy your first year at college and get to go to a Gator game soon! Maybe we can plan to visit you when we come up for a college tour in the near future. Watch out for that alligator! Love, Aunt Jen :)

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