Days 18 and 19: In which I see the Jonas Brothers and come back to school, respectively.

So, the Jonas Brothers were phenomenal, as expected.

But can we talk about the alligator in Graham Pond? (It is worth noting that I do not actually know if it is called Graham Pond. I only know that it is a pond that is next to Graham Hall.)

The backstory: When I was at UF for Preview, I told my mom that I saw a gator in the little watery area next to Graham Hall. She scoffed at me, saying that was ridiculous and dangerous (or maybe just ridiculously dangerous?). When I came back here for real mid-August, I made it a mission to prove her wrong and get a picture of the gator.

Well, you see, the pond usually looks like this:

J98op.jpg (1864×1800)

Peaceful, right? Except for that sign warning innocent walking-to-class-or-dining-hall-or-to-their-boyfriend’s-dorm students of the monster that could be 20 feet from them.

But sometimes, it looks like this:

Rsj7S.jpg (2800×2100)

In case you didn’t see that properly:

0hkPB.jpg (2800×2100)




Just casually sitting there as I walk by.

To further prove my point (and rationalize my extreme stress over this issue), I Googled for backup.

One source came up and gave me a little bit of information:

OQQp3.png (1486×595)

But then I realized that it referred to plural alligator(S), so I got freaked out and went on to Image Search.

This is what I got:

w1LFM.png (1278×243)

(yes, I know picture is spelled wrong, but I already had merged the layers)

Furthermore, I clicked to see one guy’s shot of the (obviously) infamous gator:

lSpB5.jpg (1012×788)

So anyway. Why is this such a problem, you ask? Because I can’t walk a different way to the dining hall. It’s either eat or be eaten.

1cHDz.png (832×441)

This factor not only forces me to be constantly vigiliant (! much like Mad Eye Moody) —

WTrwh.jpg (640×480)

— but also to get creative with gator-defeating weapons:

1DEGp.jpg (632×450)

I hope you now understand my dilemma. And although on a few sites it says that the gator is sedated, I am not calm.

Because even a sleepy gator could run faster than I could.

Day 18: Nicknicknicknick jump jump jump hit knee on seat in front of me.

Day 19: Back to UF, labeled boxes, ran past gator like I do everyday.


4 Comments to “Days 18 and 19: In which I see the Jonas Brothers and come back to school, respectively.”

  1. LOLOLOLOL (must catch breath from laughing so hard) LOL.

  2. Seriously Sis does anyone read this, or is it just unappreciated humor?

  3. By the way if your reading this don’t laugh the our mom saying lol (i don’t know if she knows what that means).

  4. jo this is HILARIOUS. the best so far. HAHAHAHAHA, i like where you circled it a hundred times. plus you are obviously a great wildlife observer (must be all those years of frog-finders).

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