[Home post] Day 17: In which I do basically nothing all day (and love it).

So although I’m technically not at UF, I’m still in the college mindset, which justifies my posting on this blog.

That being said, can we talk about how excited I am for the Jonas Brothers concert tomorrow?!

Holy cow long backstory. Originally, they were coming to the new Amway Center in Orlando in early October, and I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to make it. As you might predict, I don’t really have many (read: any) friends that like the Jonas Brothers enough to pay money to go see them with me, and certainly none at UF, so I didn’t get tickets.

Then — concert canceled! And not rescheduled, but a new date pops up: September 5, special stop off of the World Tour (Camp Rock 2 World Tour, that is, aka Demi + the cast of CR2) to play at the American Music Festival in Daytona. I didn’t buy tickets through Team Jonas presale because, again, I wasn’t sure I could make it. I mean, who knows what huge college parties I’d be attending (lol ya rite)? It just probably wasn’t going to work because of the driving to Lake Mary and back to Gainesville and everything.

However, soon it became apparent that I could come home for Labor Day weekend because my mom and I don’t have school Monday (and I don’t have football tickets). Things started to fall into place, with just one obstacle remaining — price.

Today, I started doing some hardcore research — and found a buy one get one ticket deal! For the price of me and my mom going to the concert, the boys could come too! Also this price reduction meant I could upgrade all four of our seats to not be as bad!

I was so excited, and consequently am so excited for tomorrow. I LOVE concerts, I LOVE the Jonas Brothers, and I LOVE JONAS BROTHERS CONCERTS. I have the same absolutely amazing and incredibly exhilarating feelings every single time I go to one, and it gives me one of the best natural highs I get. It’s almost addictive — after a while, I start to crave the feeling of being surrounded by people who all intensely love the same thing you intensely love. You’re (we’re) all celebrating it together, passionately pouring our hearts out; I know I sound silly but I’m being completely honest.

I’m even excited for the boys to come with us, even though I could have gotten better seats if they weren’t. It’s going to be fun having them there. Jeremy and I watched Camp Rock 2 together last night and he’s really into this “Introducing Me” gig Nick does in concert. I hope he does it tomorrow. Jono will be there for me to nudge when we see psycho people, and when the boys come onstage, our seats won’t even matter because we’ll be standing (read: dancing).

The only downside? I left my camera charger in Gainesville (and my camera is out of battery). Whatever.

I’ve been catching up on JONAS L.A. episodes and listening to Camp Rock 2 music all day. Excuse me while I go look up set lists.

Day 17:  I haven’t been this excited in a long time.


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