Days 15 and 16: In which the dining center goes nuts for football season and I go home.

Sorry, everybody, for missing yesterday’s post. I will combine today’s and yesterday’s to make one epic superblogentry! I am currently writing this from my bed back in Lake Mary.

So, as you probably know, UF takes its football seriously seriously. All of this week, the closer we got to the game tomorrow, the number of people that were wearing Gators shirts (side note: every single person at UF owns at least a dozen pieces of UF merchandise. It’s ridiculous how many people are decked out every day in Gators stuff. Gators barrettes, sweatshirts, shorts, tote bags, earrings… you name it, they’ve branded it and students have bought it. Holy cow) increased exponentially. The stadium started undergoing major changes in preparation for the game, adults started showing up, the bookstore put out a ton of gameday supplies, etc.

But what I didn’t expect to get into the spirit was the dining hall. They had a full-out food fe[a]st of tailgate food — baked macaroni and cheese (which I’ve been craving like crazy), hotdogs, Philly cheesesteak sandwiches, chips and dip and the like. They had a DJ and the place was packed full of people. Crazy!

I did not try to get tickets for the game, though, and therefore decided to come home for the long weekend. The car ride back to Lake Mary is about two hours (give or take), and it was hilarious today. I’m looking forward to sleeping, shaving, and doing laundry while I’m here. Oh, and spending time with my family. ;]

Also: I bought a really cool poster of Gustav Klimt’s “The Kiss” for my room and hung it up yesterday. Ballin’.

Day 15: Thank God I finally got my hands (mouth?) on some mac and cheese.

Day 16: “Samyak, stop eating that apple!”


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