Day 14: In which I take a two hour nap after class.

If you follow my tumblr ( where I post one picture a day, every day, you will see that the most notable part of yesterday was my discovery of Iced Shaken Passion Tea and Lemonade (!).

Here’s the story: in Library West, they have a Starbucks. Now, since like June, my normal Starbucks order (frappucino) has made my stomach really sick, so I’ve been avoiding the Starbucks. But yesterday upon entering the library, I only had a warm water bottle in my backpack and was condemning myself to dehydration coupled with preexisting exhaustion when all of a sudden I remember that I have a gift card in my wallet. So I went to the Starbucks and carefully surveyed the options. I was more interested in quenching my thirst than making a meal of my Starbucks drink, so I got something that Abby once recommended to me — Ice Shaken Tea and Lemonade.

Well, let me tell you… nom nom nom it was so good. Holy cow. It was pretty cheap, too. Let me tell you — yesterday was the start of an era. I can’t wait to again go to the library so I can take full advantage of this delicious drink.

In other news, Wednesdays rock because I only have one early class and then I can come back to my dorm and take a nap, which I did. :)


2 Comments to “Day 14: In which I take a two hour nap after class.”

  1. Hi Julia,

    Woke up early today and sat down to read all of your blog. Done. Found it quite amusing, to say the least. Major nosebleed, getting lost (expected), walking, biking, food (both good and bad) all for the college gal. With all the biking and walking and diet now including fruits, you’ll be shrinking away and having muscles galore. The red-face from heat – hate to tell you, I think you inherited that from me. I react the same way. Love your message to the bike parkers. Too funny, well, not really, I guess, but funny message anyway. :) You seem to be adjusting quite well and even thou you’ve had some learning experiences, you actually seem quite happy. That, of course, is wonderful. I’ll try to keep up with your blog now on a more consistent basis. Enjoyed reading about all your experiences. Papa told me to tell you he also experienced a major nose bleed at Rider College one day. It was so bad the Janitor thought there was a fight or something in his room because he had bloody paper towels all over the floor. Guess you inherited that from him. Sorry. Am sure some of your good traits were passed along from us, as well :) Lots of love and continued best of times in your new surroundings. Nana and Papa

  2. well at least you waited

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