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September 30, 2010

Day 42: In which I have no class.

I’ve been really nostalgic this week (Simon can attest).

Remember this blog, you guys?

8q0Hr.png (989×814)

I worked SO hard on that layout. Like, hours. I found it online and then I spent days tweaking it and changing fonts and learning the html language so it was totally perfect. WordPress really sucks with their layouts because they a) limit you to like 50 ugly/simple themes and b) don’t allow you to edit them (in CSS!) without paying for an account.

So I’m stuck with an unattractive blog. Hmph.

The reason this comes up is because I’ve been playing around on my Tumblr blog (not ufotographs, but redglassesgirl) today. Tumblr layouts are pretty good, but nothing beats the openness of Blogger (they allow you to use third-party codes).

That said, not much else happened today. Last night I found out that my 8:30 International Relations class was canceled (!!!!!!!!!!!!!), so I watched a movie on my computer and slept in this morning until noon. When I got up, I went to lunch with Simon and then did math homework all afternoon. Around 6, we decided we were hungry so we trekked to the Reitz Union for some delicious Panda Express. Nom.

Tomorrow should be relatively uneventful, and kind of bad. I’ve got 8:30 Bugs and People (he’s bringing in REAL LIVE ARTHROPODS, according to the emails — caps lock and all), 12:50 math discussion/quiz/homework collection, 3:30 meeting for a project, and 6:15 Rock and Roll.

I’m really not excited for this weekend. Simon’s going home and for some reason (it may just be my hormones) this genuinely bums me out. I also miss my family. I’m going home the weekend of October 8 to see Jono’s play and spend some quality time with the rest of the Glums, but this weekend is looking dreary.

Day 42: Fried rice! Mint chocolate chip milkshake! No classes, oh my.

PS: I found that Glee video.

I want to be looked at like that.

September 29, 2010



Obviously, I am fangirling HARD right now. But that’s okay, because I saw Simon fangirl twice today when I a) pointed out that Trey Burton was right next to us on his scooter (btw, he totally made eye contact with me this morning) and b) saw Jeff Demps entering the dining hall. The head nods are getting excessive.

Other notable parts of my day include:

1) My waffle from breakfast. I am desperately trying to establish a relationship with the waffle making lady because I feel like it would be a good alliance to have. However, she seems to be in a pretty bad mood all the time so right it’s proving a little tough to break through. The waffle was spectacular, though — she left it in so it would get crispier for me. Is this a good sign? I think so. Hopefully she doesn’t judge me by the amount of butter I slather onto my waffles every morning.

2) When I spilled about a half of a cup of chocolate chips in my backpack. No, not regular sized ones that would be easy to pick up/dump out — nope, mini chocolate chips. I had this genius idea to take some in a to-go box back to my dorm and then stow it in my backpack on the way home. Unfortunately, that is where my ideas stopped. I promptly forgot about them and threw my backpack on the floor, busting open the to-go box and showering my notebooks with chocolate!

3) Figuring out a new way to make my bed. It still kind of looks nice, but it’s much less effort. And every single morning I am way into finding the easiest way to do stuff. The other day I had such a sleepy mental aversion to putting on shoes that I decided to wear sandals. Seriously, there was no way I was going to shove my feet into some confining sandals — I was vehemently opposed.

4) The cool weather this morning. From like 7:54 to 10am, it was probably like 86 degrees outside and it felt niiiiice. Of course, being a Floridian and an optimist about weather (my reasoning: it’s almost October, which means fall!), I went home and changed into a cardigan only to be surprised when I went back outside and was hot. I changed again for dinner. I have worn three different outfits today (and I wonder why I have so much laundry!).

5) Finding this video of Elvis I was talking about earlier!

The hottest part EVAR is from 5:20 to 5:24 and omg he is so cute.

6) Getting a package in the mail. So exciting! It was Simon’s birthday present (read: a CD that I wanted too).

7) Learning all about the symbolism and hidden meanings in “American Pie” today in Rock n Roll. WHY DIDN’T ANYONE EVER TELL ME ABOUT ALL OF THIS STUFF?! I am fascinated, and I am wont to be. It’s like a conspiracy theory except better! Plus the fact that the guy won’t discuss the details of it — genius. Wow.

That’s basically all that happened today. Nothing too exciting, right?


Day 41: I spent most of the day thinking about Glee and then the end of it watching Glee.

September 27, 2010

Day 40: In which I forget to sign the Honor Code on the front of my textbook.

Bad news, guys. I can’t ride the bus anymore here.


Well, today I was just sitting at a random stop for like ten minutes (the bus drivers do this. They just decide to take long stops sometimes. They eat, go to the bathroom, talk on the phone, whatever. I’m totally fine with it because they definitely deserve the break, but I am very confused by their methods of determining when to take their breaks. I have not yet found any sort of pattern or schedule. Aka you never know if it will take five minutes to get to the Hub or 20! It makes everything more exciting) and I read the bus rules. They are in picture form, presumably for the illiterate portion of UF.

ENdVi.jpg (1280×960)

At first, I understood.

Okay, I thought, so no smoking. That’s legitimate. A smoky bus would not be a good bus at all. The seats and sweaty guys smell bad enough already, we don’t need more odor. Plus, UF is a tobacco-free campus (please note that this is total bull. I see so many people smoke everywhere).

Alright, next, I thought to myself. No eating or drinking. Yeah, I guess that makes sense. If there was food allowed on the bus then people would spill it when the bus drivers took those over-enthusiastic turns.

The first two rules made sense. But then things got weird.

Next — no cassette tapes???????????? What? So I can blatantly use my iPod, my CD player, or my Clip Hits but if I want to listen to some good old fashioned tape music I have to smuggle it in??????? Does this seem like discrimination to anyone else?

You’ve gotta know that all of elementary school went like this for the tape:

V5vgk.jpg (1280×800)

So then I looked at the next rule. I initially thought it meant no chests without nipples allowed (poor Kyle XY), but I then understood what it actually meant: no surfers.

The reasoning behind this is that the seats would get all wet. Think about it.

It would be HORRIBLE to get on the bus to go to class and see this:

WBJFW.jpg (1280×800)

(Please note that when I talk about the bus, I am not referring to the pictured charter bus. I do NOT ride around on a charter bus all day. I ride around on an old Lynx bus. There were just no pictures of one online)

So then I looked at the last rule — no feet?????????? It seems like I’m constantly in total violation. I’m hoping the bus driver just doesn’t notice. I get on and off of the bus really fast so he doesn’t have enough time to look, but I think he might be onto me.

Can anyone send me some camouflage shoes?

Day 40: Not yet over, but it’s been loooong and rainy. Pumped for Glee tomorrow!

September 27, 2010

Day 39: In which I study International Relations for hours on end.

Today has kinda sucked because I had to study all day. I didn’t even do laundry — just went over my study guide (30 questions, 10 pages) over and over and over again.

I will continue to do this, actually, for the rest of the night.

And then tomorrow? After my 8:30am test, I will eat breakfast and do all of my math homework that I didn’t do today because I was so busy frantically memorizing INR.

:( Rabo rabo rabo.

Also, I got a zit today! Hmph.

Day 39: I’m pretty freaked about tomorrow’s test; it’s all short-answer plus an essay. I’m nervous.

6OIdl.jpg (640×480)

September 26, 2010

Day 38: In which it is Simon’s birthday (!!!!!).

Today is my adorable boyfriend Simon’s 18th birthday. We started it off right last night with some sushi and Mochi, and continued today by going out to lunch with his parents. We then went to the Butterfly Garden (capitalized? Too tired to check), afterwards back to our separate rooms for a nap and to freshen up, and then to the UF/UK game. Today/yesterday has been one of the best days I’ve had here at UF, and even in general. I’ve had SO MUCH FUN. :)

Two things I’ll cover (by the way, I’m like super tired. I’m so wiped. This school week was draining; the time I didn’t spend in class and studying I spent making birthday plans. Today was exhausting despite my 15-minute nap. I’m about to pass out):

The butterfly garden (uncapitalized for balance with before) was magical. Really, there’s no other way to describe it. Being inside the enclosure was like being in some exotic, magnificent (yet humid) place where nothing ever changes and nothing bad could happen. I don’t know. It was awesome. There are butterflies EVERYWEHRE — flying in front of you, behind you, around you, landing on you, feeding, floating, resting… whatever! It’s incredible.

I took a few pictures, but they didn’t really come out that well because they’re either a) too zoomed out for you to see the butterflies or b) too zoomed in for you to see the habitat.

wigVX.jpg (1800×2400)

kYq5R.jpg (2800×2100)

fM05j.jpg (3200×2400)

And et cetera. Wow.

So the game was phenomenal, as well. Because it was nighttime it wasn’t a bajillion degrees and it was so cool to be in the stadium at night with everyone around. Simon and I had incredible seats, were surrounded by interesting people (loud girl and guy who started a fight and got the police involved!), and drank some delicious lemonade.

gS1Bm.jpg (2400×3200)

Q4cb5.jpg (3200×2400)

pKh5o.jpg (2800×2100)

LyR7O.jpg (2700×3600)



In other news, tomorrow’s going to suck.

September 25, 2010

Day 37: In which I make secret surprise birthday plans!

In the past two days I have:

itched my foot

studied for a math test

taken a math test

gotten a 100% on a math test

Skyped twice with different people

learned a LOT about sushi

itched my foot

bought birthday presents

conceptualized birthday plans

carried out birthday plans

ate Mochi

got my BEAT KENTUCKY t-shirt

bought a student ticket to tomorrow’s game

itched my foot

become increasingly terrified of yellow jackets

curled my hair

eaten lots of waffle

taken the bus frequently

slept very little


and itched my foot.

Success? Yes.

September 24, 2010

Day 36: In which I am forced to take a test on an impossibly misformed desk. Which was also tiny.

Blog post coming later today (?). Very tired. Need sleep. Love everyone. :)

September 23, 2010

Day 35: In which I get attacked by a monster.

Okay, fine… it was only a yellow jacket.

But holy cow did it hurt! And still does hurt! My entire foot is swollen from my toe-sting.

It is worth noting that including today, I have only been stung by a bee twice in my life.

The first time, I was happily swinging along at my elementary school playground when all of a sudden I felt a sharp pain in my leg.

No big deal, right? I just continued to swing (what? I was in third grade! I figured it wasn’t anything serious enough to interrupt recess). Ten seconds later, I felt another sharp pain. I hopped off my swing and started to walk over to my friend, who looked at me funny when all of a sudden the sharp pains started coming faster. I ran to my teacher, who sent me to the clinic with my friend. Every few steps, I felt the pain.

Upon my arrival to the clinic, I went into the bathroom, pulled down my pants, and a bee flew out! Imagine my surprise! And it was no ordinary bee — it was a yellow jacket or something.

Here’s the mystery: I had stings on both legs.

Then, today, I was all ready to catch the bus to meet Simon for lunch at Gator Corner when suddenly THERE WAS A KNIFE IN MY TOE. I took another (excruciating) step before looking down and seeing a YELLOW JACKET BEE WEDGED BETWEEN MY SANDAL AND MY TOE.

How in the world did it get there? I have no idea.

I picked it off, ran back to my dorm, missed my bus, sanitized my wound, and walked to Gator Corner. My foot felt really bad and so did my entire leg. (Note: I am in no way allergic to bee stings, I am just a drama queen.)

Since then, I have reached the conclusion that my foot is going to fall off. It’s very swollen and sore and I am very grumpy as a result.

7RLxJ.jpg (533×400)

For real!?!?! :(

Day 34 (because I forgot to do it yesterday): All about Glee (which wasn’t that great akshully).

Day 35: STUNG!!!!!! And also I worked on International Relations all day. Math test tomorrow. This sucks.

September 22, 2010

Day 34: In which I am underwhelmed by Glee. *spoiler alert*

Why Glee kind of sucked this week:

1. Rachel’s bangs.

What was Lea Michele (or maybe, I guess, the like appearance designers or whatever) thinking when they cut her hair like that? It makes her normally beautiful brown hair look greasy. Even when it was pulled back, those little side pieces looked bad — like she had sideburns or something. On that note, GLEE SHOULD TOTALLY DO AN ELVIS EPISODE OMG.

2. Shue being mean.

Yes, that is the way Fox spells it. But really, every time Will tries to be mean or do something bad (even when it’s against Sue), it makes me feel betrayed. I know that doesn’t make sense, but he’s supposed to be a good guy! When he gets pissy, it’s not hot — it just makes me uneasy and I start to feel violated. Weird? Weird.

3. The song choices.

Wow, I feel like the Glee creators kind of screwed up on this one. One of the things that makes Glee so good is that they take classic songs and redo them in a modern, upbeat way (see: “Don’t Stop Believin'”, “Sweet Caroline,” et cetera). It’s passable if there’s a contemporary focus — like last season’s Lady Gaga episode — but otherwise, it’s just wrong. “Empire State of Mind” was alright I guess, but overall mediocre because it was more of a dance/rap deal than a song.  Glee is famous for its crazy long bold notes by Rachel and Finn — when they cut these out, the songs are lackluster.

So let’s talk about “Billionaire.” I HATE that song. Hate hate hate. It’s mindless, the guy singing has no talent, there’s no legitimate meaning to the song, and ‘frickin’ is a key part of the chorus. Glee chose that to introduce their new character? I’m disappointed.

And that finale piece? Seriously? They chose to end the SEASON PREMIERE with a sad solo song? Hmph.

4. The plot.

I think the worst thing overall was that at the end, I wasn’t left with the usual happy, optimistic, goosebumps-all-over feeling… I just felt sad. I feel bad for Beiste, I feel bad for Sunshine, and I feel bad for Finn. The club didn’t get any bigger and everyone was upset, which made me upset. Even Rachel was crying. :(

Tiny bits of redemption:

1. Next week will be awesome.

Britney Spears is like the perfect mix of recent and well-known music I was talking about before. Her music is practically considered ‘old’ by my generation (aka the target audience); knowing the songs the cast is singing really draws the viewers into the action. Plus, Britney Spears music is poppy and upbeat (and is sure to be linked with some great dance numbers)!

2. Sam.

Despite his absolutely ginormous mouth, the kid is hot. Amirite? He looks a lot like Austin Butler (read: very attractive) and despite the song choice, I do love his voice. I’m not so sure about his character’s personality and choices about football vs. Glee club; however, I am giving him a chance because he’s just so adorable. Where were the guys like that at Lake Mary? Heck, where are they at UF? (answer: riding the 120 bus to the Hub. Incidentally, this is my bus)

What else I’m thinking:

1. Rachel and Finn.

I want to see more of this relationship. I think they’re SUPER cute, but they’re not very intimate on-screen. Whether this is due to Finn’s general nonchalance policy or the introduction of these new characters, I don’t know, but I want to see them make outtttttttt. :)

2. Poor Artie.

Something you need to know about me: I really really like Artie. It’s a combination of the wheelchair thing and the glasses and the voice. I feel so bad for him. That final scene where he was watching the couple dance? Omg. I’ll give him a hug and attest endlessly that his abs are fine.

3. If the guy who watched Glee with us tonight in the Hume West 1 Lounge makes the same dumb comments he did this week next week, I am going to bust a cap.

You’re not funny, your sarcasm is moronic. That is all.

September 21, 2010

Day 33 [extra post]

My absolutely adorable boyfriend Simon (frequently seen on my photoblog has decided he would also like to chronicle his freshman year on a blog.

Go read it (but don’t forget your allegiance to universityofjulia!) —