Day 12: In which I run on 9.5 hours of sleep.

So last night I went to bed at like 11 because I have serious problems staying awake in International Relations on Tuesday/Thursday mornings. I figure this is a) because it is boring or b) because I don’t get enough sleep. Although I cannot fix a) without teaching the class myself and adding unicorns into the curriculum, I decided why not try to remedy b) with a little extra sleep? Since I did all of my homework this weekend, I was in bed early last night and slept well until about 7:45, at which time I dragged myself out of bed with a grand total of nine and a half hours of sleep.

Now you’re wondering: did it make a difference? Not really. I was still sleepy, so maybe the problem really is that a) International Relations is just boring. I’m trying not to voice this opinion to quite so many people, because some might interpret it as I don’t care about the rest of the world. While this is true on a minor scale (seriously, I pretty much only care about myself), it is not true on a major one. I like other countries, even though I’m predisposed to American bias.

At any rate, I went to class this morning and got some serious gossip about what happened this weekend at events I did not attend, went to breakfast and ate mass quantities of bacon, et cetera — the usual, right? I did some more laundry because the room had cleared out.

Let me tell you how clueless the male species is when it comes to doing laundry. Today there were boys in the laundry room that were genuinely surprised when they pulled out articles of clothing that had stains on them. The females of the room (and I say this logically, not stereotypically) were like, “Did you leave a pen in your pocket?” “Here’s some Shout.” “Do you want me to wash it with my stuff after I treat it?”

The boys just sat there clueless.

Really, it’s not that hard.

I went to lunch, then to the library, then to Journalism. Journalism was, once again, lame, which, once again, really upsets me. I want to learn hardcore Journalism stuff, not hear speeches from St. Petersburg Times guys. Come on!

After that I biked back to my dorm, did a little bit more homework, and went to dinner. Now I’m sitting here, getting ready to shower and hopefully hop in bed by 11 again. Although I didn’t experience much of a difference with more sleep, I feel like it can only be a good thing, and my bed is super comfy so it’s worth the extra hours I spend in it.

Day 12: Mundane, to say the least. I don’t think it rained today, which was revolutionary! The alligator was not in the pond (was he in Hume? I DON’ TKNOW!??!?!).


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