Day 11: In which the dining hall has mint chocolate chip ice cream (!).

There is not that much to say about today other than what I wrote in the title. While this does not seem like a spectacular event to you, I have not had mint chocolate chip ice cream in a while and it is my favorite. Also, it’s a major comfort food for me. So far today I’ve had it once, but I’m considering stopping by for some more because the flavors change everyday and I don’t want to miss this.

I got up, tried to do laundry but every machine was full (thankfully, I came back and was able to squeeze in a load of essentials), watched Project Runway, and went to the library with Simon to get homework done. I read for International Relations and Bugs and People, which means that I should only have Rock n Roll homework tomorrow night. I really want to go to bed early tonight because tomorrow starts back up with the 8:30 classes and I don’t want to be sleepy while trying to take notes.

DuNqr.jpg (640×480)

In place of an actual post, I will write you a list of things that I have a newfound appreciation for:

1. Good toilet paper. In my bathroom, we have that paper-thing stuff you use at school and Disney World. One of my suitemates replaced the roll with some Charmin and it was like the best bathroom experience of my life.

2. Hairspray. I’ve never really used hairspray on a daily basis; I reserve it for special occasions like dates and Prom. Here, I use hair spray at least twice a day — even if my hair isn’t up. It’s necessary because otherwise, as soon as I walk outside, I will have thousands of little flyaways all over the place.

3. Q-tips. This is probably TMI, but cleaning my ears every night feels soooo gooooood.

4. Cars. The other night when I got driven somewhere, it was an incredible event. We were going so fast! So quickly! So far! Since I now bike/walk/trek/hike every time I want to go somewhere, it was almost surreal to just be (more or less) effortlessly transported. Holy cow.

5. Ledges on the shower. Shaving my legs is an acrobatic experience, seeing as I have to become a contortionist in order to reach my entire leg. Please note that I am not the only person with this problem; my roommate complains about it too.

6. My bed. My bed is so comfortable. Really. I think I spend 90% of the day thinking about how comfy it is. Past like 8pm, everything becomes a countdown until when I can leap (yeah, my bed is kinda high) onto my mattress and cuddle in my jersey sheets.

7. Wireless internet. All I do is stretch my ethernet cord in hopes that it will be just a little bit longer so I can lie with my laptop on my stomach and browse Reddit at midnight. Pathetic? Yes. Necessary? Obviously.

I’m going to go stop by the dining hall to get some more mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Day 11: Frustrating on the laundry account and mostly spent at Library West (I’m kind of cold here).


One Comment to “Day 11: In which the dining hall has mint chocolate chip ice cream (!).”

  1. I have enjoyed getting caught up with your life as a student. Love ya Beck

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