Day 10: In which I end up at a GatorLAN (aka video game) event.

I slept in again today (until like 11:30, aaaaaaahhhhhhhh), got up, went to lunch, and then went to Library West and cranked out my math homework (not due until Thursday; I am da bomb).

Afterwards, Simon called me to tell me he and his roommates were competing in a GatorLAN event and that I should come as a spectator. I really doubted that the event would be at all interesting for me, but I decided to give it a shot primarily because I was tired of doing math homework.

Boy, was I wrong.

Let me describe to you the scene into which I entered: no less than a hundred computers (ranging from laptops to huge screens to just plan towers with monitors); tons of gamers running around from their station to the front/back of the room; crazy intense video game music playing on loop over loudspeakers. There were long tables with different competitions occurring simultaneously and everyone was so focused.

BrhlH.jpg (4000×3000)

This gaming world was totally new to me. It’s pretty intriguing because for these guys, video games are their escape (like reading or something). Because it’s something they therefore do so frequently, they develop talent and become extremely good at it. Then, when these events come along, they show off their skills and bond over testosterone and joysticks (kidding). But really. Every single person there was no less than incredible a video games, and I swear that they were all like best friends (or little kids: speaking some made-up language outsiders are not intended to understand). Many were there to compete, most were there just to have fun.

Something I still don’t understand: why do boys think it’s fun to watch other boys play video games? Or is it just that I’m desensitized because of the boys?

After we left Matt playing a heated round of some game with a witty name that implies violence, I convinced Simon to go with me to Mochi. Backstory: Simon had told me repeatedly that he does not like Mochi, yet had never tried it! Long story (and walk) short, he liked it tonight. I look forward to going back. Mochi is the ultimate nom. I didn’t get taro this time; I got dulce de leche and original combined and instead of fruit toppings used candy and stuff. It was very good.

So now I’m here. It’s 1:41am and I’m beat. Tomorrow I need to do laundry and watch Project Runway.

Day 10: Full of frozen yogurt and watching other people game.


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