Day 9: In which I explore downtown Gainesville (with friends).

Today was looooong. I was so excited to sleep in, because Friday is the one day of the week that I don’t have an 8:30 class. I had my alarm set for 10:15, and was sleeping peacefully when VRBBBRMMMMMM sounds extremely loudly at 9:45, jolting me out of bed (okay, not really. I just sat up).

The conversation that occured was as follows:

Julia, wrenched from the comfy depths of dreamland: WHAT WAS THAT?!?!?!?!?!?!??!!? *panicking, thinking that maybe a UFO has landed right outside of Hume or a UPS truck has driven into the side of our building or dynamite was exploding or UF was under attack or something*

Ruchi, up and getting ready: Someone is vacuuming.

Julia, immediately furious: ARE YOU KIDDING ME? SERIOUSLY?!!?!?!?!? *falls back asleep*

The rest of the day was normal. I had a calzone for lunch (nom nom nom) and went to two classes.

Then, tonight, I was invited to go out with our neighbors, Darshan and Samyak, my roommate, and some of their mutual friends. We went to dinner at a very eclectic pizza restaurant off-campus called Satchel’s and then to Maude’s coffeeshop, where we played 10 intense rounds of Scattegories. After, the upperclassmen gave us a tour of downtown Gainesville.

I actually just got in (1:51am), and am therefore exhausted and so ready to take a shower. I’m legit excited to go to sleep.

To compensate for this short blog post, I will show you a series of photographs that shows you today’s dining hall food experiment. Enjoy!

Step one: Swipe card to gain access to dining hall. Ask for to-go box.

x3u2s.jpg (640×480)

Step two: Fill box with ingredients for super awesome snack. Grab fruit from the fruit station, peanut butter from the sandwich station, and little pretzels from the salad station.

L1EGK.jpg (640×480)

Step three: Bike back to dorm with box carefully and precariously stowed in backpack.

There is no picture for this step because there is no time to take photographs while trying not to get peanut butter all over $100 worth of textbooks in your backpack.

Step four: Take call on banana phone.

0KVMi.jpg (640×480)

Step five: Slice banana; crush pretzels, mix with peanut butter.

b1ce4.jpg (640×480)

Step six: Enjoy snack and your status as a basically professional chef!

QtIlC.jpg (640×480)

Day 9: Feelin’ chill in 1000-degree heat.


One Comment to “Day 9: In which I explore downtown Gainesville (with friends).”

  1. this is the best one so far! the pix are funny. and getting in a 1:51am?! holy cow! that’s the next day. glad i didn’t stay up to skype you.
    love you!

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