Day 8: In which I start to experiment with dining hall food.

Guess what happened today?

Spoiler: it rained.

I biked to class in the rain, I walked in the rain, I looked up a million bus routes to avoid the rain (unsuccessful), I tried to wait until the rain was over, I wore my red rain coat in the rain, I even had to change my entire outfit once because I was soaked.

Nothing more to say here, except for: Ha, Mom! In college, I get to dress myself!

xaPra.jpg (2400×3200)

This was taken right before I sprinted into the dining hall because I was starving and hadn’t eaten in like forever, basically.

On that subject, the most notable parts of my day today were food-related. (Pathetic, you think? Hey, it’s the little things, alright?)

Number one: at lunch, which I ate with Luke, the lady put out an entire tray of red velvet cupcakes and a huge bowl of cream cheese frosting so that we could spread it ourselves and decide how much we wanted. I only had one cupcake, but it was absolutely delectable. Nom nom nom. (It is worth mentioning that by dinner time six hours later, the bowl of frosting was gone. The question is: did they run out, or did the ladies remove it because people were abusing the infinite icing opportunity? Most likely the latter.)

Number two: at dinner, which I ate with James and Ruchi, I decided to try something. I got dirty rice from the Mexican station, chicken wrapped in bacon and roasted chicken from the meat sections, a spinach tortilla from the guy at the sandwich counter, and some cheese from the omelette maker. I then created two mini-burritos! And they were so so good. I really miss cooking (I know it’s only been a week, but it feels like a lifetime, y’know?), so this felt awesome to not only consume but to take time planning and executing. I actually think that Ruchi and I might make brownies this weekend if we can secure the supplies.

Tomorrow (today?) starts the weekend, and I’m pumped. Tomorrow morning I get to sleep in (my first class is at 11:45 as opposed to 8:30!), have a fantastic end-of-week dinner, and probably go to Gator Nights. I need to clean some stuff up around the dorm and do laundry so I’m all in order for the coming week. It should be good.

I’m listening to matchboxtwenty right now and loving them all over again.

Day 8: contrary to popular belief, UF is actually located in Rainsville; I am a culinary master.


One Comment to “Day 8: In which I start to experiment with dining hall food.”

  1. Wow! Cute outfit! Love the matching boots and umbrella, not so much the boots and the shorts…<3

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