Day 7: In which I end up 20 feet from Urban Meyer.

Today was more or less lame: class, nap, lunch, homework, rain.

But tonight (!) was very interesting. Urban Meyer, the football coach of the Gators, decided to hold a town hall meeting/interview in which people could ask questions. The first 500 students at the Swamp with a valid Gator 1 ID card were admitted and given a commemorative t-shirt, pizza, Pepsi (ew), and DVD of the national championships (or something). I figured, why not go? It was something to do, would be pretty cool, and if we didn’t get in, we didn’t waste money or anything.

So when Simon got out of class at 5, we biked to the stadium and got in line ASAP, about 180 people back. Doors opened at 7, so we sat there for two hours along with Matt and Sean. They discussed video games and whatever while I did homework (I read my Bugs and People assignment and my Rock n Roll one!), watching the line grow behind us. Luckily, it wasn’t too hot (our spot was in the shade, under a tree) and the time went quickly. Before we knew it, we were flashing our IDs and getting t-shirts and wristbands! We went in and sat in this big room with a lot of cameras and a stage set up — our seats were in the fourth row, to the right side!

Urban Meyer was there, as were a few players (including… dun dun dun… Tim Tebow replacement John Brantley, who is super cute) and officials (like the strength coach or whatever). We watched a few video clips like the recruitment video, all of which were awesome and gave me chills all over. I can’t wait to attend a football game here at UF (if I can get tickets… :/)! It looks like an absolutely incredible, very loud experience. Anyway, all of the guys took questions (Simon asked one!) about player performances, drills, predictions, and NCAA the video game. It was all very lighthearted; the atmosphere was casual and everyone was constantly joking. I was pretty impressed by their humility — many times throughout the evening, Coach Meyer and the players expressed their gratitude for student support and made it clear that this was the motive for the town hall — to involve the students of UF with the football team. “We’re all family here,” Meyer said.

Afterwards, Simon and Sean met Jeff Demps (I took the picture), and then we were served pizza by someone we were pretty sure was Meyer’s wife. I snagged a poster and we went to go get real food (read: PB&J, chocolate milk, and ice cream) at the dining hall before going to our respective dorms.

All in all, a legit night. I’m definitely wearing my wristband for as long as possible.

aWkt9.jpg (640×480)

Day 7: Wow, I can’t believe I’ve been here for a week. Moar biking uphill and full of cool Gator football vids.


2 Comments to “Day 7: In which I end up 20 feet from Urban Meyer.”

  1. Dear Julia,
    First – you are adorable!!! Second – let me share who I am… Your uncle Dave and I met in Junior High School. He is one of the sweetest boys I’ve ever met! Dave sent me an email yesterday sharing that you were just starting at the University of Florida and writing a blog. I am an alumnus! I have bled orange and blue since my then boyfriend went to U of F in 1982. I did not go until 1984. Dave hated me for that!
    I so admire that you are taking the time to journal. I wish I had. My style was to take pictures and saving every little scrap of memorabilia I could and make an album. And yes I got a typewriter for a high school graduation present. Not the fancy computers we use today. hahaha
    So I read all six blogs last night and then wrote Dave a note thanking him for sharing and I stated that several times I wanted to leave a comment like I would on someone’s facebook page. For example, I think even though you are in a new dorm the furniture looks just like mine did many moons ago. Or, the bus really isn’t that bad! Or, I had a moped and the hair was never pretty and the bugs that flew in my mouth every so often were gross.
    Tonight, Dave wrote me to say I must stalk you again and read todays post! I AM SO JEALOUS you got in the town meeting with Meyer and the boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Way cool! I would love to see that recruitment video and be in the room!
    I wish you loads of fun your 4-5 years you are i G-ville. I love that you have the open mind to go on adventures. Keep exploring! I do travel up for most of the games so if you ever need anything call me. 407-491-8170
    all the best,

    • Thank you for your kind words! And yes, the buses aren’t bad (just intimidating) and my hair never looks good. :)

      The recruitment video is very cool; I actually got a copy of it, I think; you’re welcome to borrow it and see it if we run into eachother!

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