Day 6: In which I start my transformation into the girl in the red raincoat.

Today it rained at UF.

When I say that, you don’t really understand what it means. I mean, you probably like frowned a bit to yourself and thought “well, that sucked.” And don’t get me wrong, I always appreciate sympathy, but you need to amp it up a bit.

Because I guarantee you didn’t think about the repercussions when you have to TREK/BIKE EVERYWHERE! Today, I walked outside about 30 minutes before my next class and noticed it was pouring. I was pretty far from my class, to which I was planning to bike. I figured that I wasn’t coordinated enough to simultaneously hold an umbrella and ride a bicycle, so that left me with two choices: 1) walking with an umbrella, which meant that I would be not only very grumpy walking into my class but also wet and late, and 2) riding the bus. I grabbed my bright red raincoat and hopped aboard the 120, which takes students from my dorm to the Hub (the Hub is right next to Turlington, which is where three of my classes meet). I got on pretty nervous and hoping for the best, and jumped off a stop early because I got afraid that maybe — maybe — they wouldn’t stop at the Hub, and I would miss Turlington (spoiler: they did stop).

At this point, it was still raining pretty hard, so I put on my raincoat and started to trek (uphill, obviously). I arrived at class before it started (of course). But now I know how the buses work (read: which one I should take to cut down my walking time). I’m still too nervous to try one as my main transportation method, as in like taking one in the morning, so I’ll continue to trek everywhere, but it’ll be nice when I’m not rushing to get to class.

Other notable parts of my day: getting a full plate of what appeared to be chicken nuggets (score!) in the dining hall, taking a bite, and finding out they were soy nuggets (wtf?), the dining hall not having any cake, doing a ton of math homework (and still leaving some for tomorrow!), etc.

Alright, alright, I’m just grumpy. It’s late; I’ll be up in like 7 hours so I need to go. I only have one class tomorrow (today?) — contemplating coming back to my dorm and sleeping for a while afterwards. That’d be a counterproductive but very collegiate thing to do, amirite?

At least my hair looked cute today. I’ve almost figured out how to make my hairstyle hardy enough to last through all of the sweat/rain/humidity all day!

KP9qf.jpg (640×480)

Day 6: Wet and grumpy.


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