Day 5: In which classes start and I bike uphill all day.

This blog post should be a bit more concise, as I have math (ew) to read before tomorrow’s lecture.

Classes started for me at 8:30 today; I woke up at 7 and was at the building about a half hour before I needed to be (blame it on the nerves). I only had two classes — Introduction to International Relations and Journalism 101. International Relations was somewhat boring (already?!), but all the guy did was go over the syllabus and talk about Afghanistan and Africa (I have a feeling that this will be a typical thing). He’s a pretty professional professor; he’s also the dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, so he knows what he’s doing. He also wrote our textbook, which is good and bad because he says that this way, he knows we’ll learn everything we need to and he can just discuss current events in class. Did I mention that all of his tests are essay format? He doesn’t like “multiple-guess” exams.

Journalism was disappointing, really. I was hoping for a professor like this guy, like an old guy who has great stories and has really done big things in the Journalism world. Instead, I’ve got a middle-aged teacher who’s never taught Intro to Jm before and has only written for the Tampa Tribune. :( Don’t get me wrong, he’s still like infinitely more talented than anyone I know and better at Journalism than I could ever be, I’m just sort of let down. I’m also bummed that the class only meets once a week, and we’re having speakers almost every week. I want to learn, darn it! However, I’ve heard that that’s what Reporting (aka super hard intense junior year Journalism class) is for, so I guess I can wait a while. We all bought subscriptions to the New York Times before we left class for the day.

Speaking of the Times, guess what I did today? Read it! The UF campus gives the New York Times and the Gainesville Sun free with your student ID (aka sa-weeeet), and the Independent Florida Alligator (like the campus paper except not — explanation here) is always free. I read them throughout the day. Oh yeah, this Journalism major’s got it going on. Eat that, mean girl in my Journalism class who sat at the front and bragged about her speed writing.

I met up with Simon for lunch, and went to the library for the first time as a UF student. It’s pretty cool, but I’m also kind of upset that it’s not like this majestic palace of books and comfy chairs. I guess I was expecting something along these lines… but forgot we were in the 21st century. The UF library looks like this (it’s an actual picture of it), except I don’t think you can put your feet on those tables and noone is smiling. That being said, the UF library has some legit features — like as the floors get higher, you have to get quieter. First floor is like social talking level, second is like hushed occasional talking, third is quiet except for rustling papers, and eventually it’s like silent. Plus they have a Starbucks. Also, wifi. It’s a really nice place to be… very calm. I’m excited to spend time there; I think I’m going to go tomorrow for a while and read International Relations stuff and do math homework.

Anyway, I swear that all I do is bike uphill. It’s uphill from my dorm to the dining hall, uphill from there to my classes, and then of course for some reason I decide to eat so I go downhill and then bike back uphill to get to where I was. I’m a sweaty disaster by the time I reach where I’m going.

Also, today sucked because I didn’t feel well. Rabo rabo rabo grumble cramps suck, yes?

I stopped by the Student Alumni Association Class of 2014 Welcome event tonight, but it was kind of lame and really overcrowded. I got a free little drawstring backpack though, which made the bike ride (UPHILL, OF COURSE) like 1/3 worth it. I showered at 8:30 and have been sitting on the computer doing stuff since. I really want to get to bed before like 11, but that’s highly unlikely to happen because I still have to get my stuff together for tomorrow and… read math!

Day 5: Cramps, my first library experience, and getting to classes way earlier than necessary.


One Comment to “Day 5: In which classes start and I bike uphill all day.”

  1. essay tests…welcome to college, Jo! BTW, the TdF is next July. Sounds like you could be ready for the mountain stages in the Pyrenees. (Pyrenees |ˈpirəˌnēz|
    a range of mountains that extends along the border between France and Spain from the Atlantic coast to the Mediterranean Sea. Its highest peak is Pico de Aneto in northern Spain, which rises to a height of 11,168 feet (3,404 m). Also the place where the Tour de France climbers can overtake the sprinters.

    love you!

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