Day 4: In which I play Harry Potter Uno while watching the Harry Potter marathon with most of my floor.

After the day of epic adventuring (and a little sunburn and a lot of soreness) yesterday, I made the decision to take it relatively easy today so I wouldn’t be unmoving for tomorrow’s start of classes. I woke up a little later than usual (9:47) and went to breakfast at 10:30. Afterwards, I biked to locate a few more of my classes. Although I still haven’t checked out all of the halls, I figure that I more or less can locate the buildings (fingers crossed!) and/or can figure out some of them as the week continues (I only have two classes tomorrow).

I decided then to do laundry. Before you shake your head, let me explain: I’ve done laundry before. I do laundry all the time at home, I swear. But this is COLLEGE laundry. True but gross: all of my shorts are dirty because I sweat so hardcore during the days. So I went to the laundry room in Hume, where I live, and tried to get my Gator 1 ID card to let me pay to use a washing machine (I ended up charging myself either two or three times). I watched a little bit of Project Runway on the wifi until Simon called to tell me his dad and sister were visiting for lunch.

I biked to GCDC to eat just a little bit with them (fruit, of course), leaving my clothes. I worried about them the entire time, which is totally irrational because noone would ever steal them due to the facts that a) they’re my size and b) I have terrible fashion sense. I biked back quickly, watched a little more Project Runway (thank God that girl went home, geez she was annoying), and moved them over to the dryer (which cost $1.25 to use).

I then went to the Student Honors Organization Annual BBQ. Nom nom nom catered by Sonny’s! I met up with and met some really nice people who gave me great advice, but I was still worried about apparel theft, so I hurried back to the laundry room after downing some pulled pork, mac and cheese, and pink lemonade.

My 50 minutes of clothes-drying time was up, but my clothes were wet. Problem? Yes. So I started them again, went back to my dorm for a little while, and went back. They were still not dry, but the price of doing this one load of laundry was quickly approaching $10 so I resolved just to take them damp and dry them in my room.

I sat around for a little while, then went to dinner with Simon + the boys where they had… dun dun dun… WHITE CAKE for dessert! Happy happy happy day! It was not white cake with white frosting, though — it was white cake with chocolate frosting. See below for a visual representation of the white cake: chocolate edition.

bklO9.jpg (2700×3600)

Unfortunately, white cake with chocolate frosting does not taste as good as white cake with white frosting. However, fortunately, this still puts it at like the fifth best thing I’ve ever eaten, so it’s doing pretty well in the polls. I almost had two pieces, but decided to give one to Matt, who was famished (jk all the boys do is get fourth servings of stuff and milkshakes and whatever). I considered getting a to-go box and filling it with the cake so that I could have cake all the time in my dorm, but I rationalized (read: it was getting ready to storm outside so I needed to bike back before I got rained on and having a t0-go box filled with albeit delicious white cake would be cumbersome).

Upon returning to my dorm after dinner, a girl came down the hall and asked if I wanted to come play Harry Potter Uno with a bunch of people in the lounge, and I said yes. And then — I interacted! I played Uno (not well, I might add, at one point I had to take nine cards) with probably about a dozen people for about an hour — complete with the Harry Potter movie marathon on ABC Family blaring in the background — until we decided that it was pointless to continue ‘playing’ when all we were doing was talking. We talked about Harry Potter and the film inconsistencies, Twilight, Lord of the Rings, and more. It was so much fun.

Now I am back in my dorm. Classes start tomorrow, and I just took the first-day-of-school-shower, which means I took extra effort to look really clean and stuff. I need to get my backpack ready for tomorrow (all I’m bringing is a notebook and a pencil… is this bad?!); I’ve printed all of my syllabuses (syllabi?) and will organize them after I post this. I’m super nervous, I’m going to wake up like really early so I can get to breakfast early and then to class early (I’m worried about getting lost, not being able to get in the bike lane, not being able to lock up my bike, walking in late, you name it). I hope to be in bed by 11:30… cross your fingers! I still haven’t decided what to wear. I want to wear white shorts but doesn’t that just seem like it would be disastrous for a first day of college outfit? (Answer: Yes, for me.) I’m just really scared that I’m not smart enough for college. :/

As for my photoblog: I think it will be permanently housed at Exciting, right!? I plan to post one picture per day. Just one.

Day 4: Relaxed yet full of laundry frustration and nerves for tomorrow.


3 Comments to “Day 4: In which I play Harry Potter Uno while watching the Harry Potter marathon with most of my floor.”

  1. So proud of you! Thanks for sharing your days. Ly

    PS I laughed about the cake.
    PPS are the clothes dry yet?

  2. jo, the clothes prob didn’t dry bc the vent trap is full of lint. check it.

  3. Thank you for sending the link. I love your writing and love that I can follow yoru adventures! Seems to me you are settling in nicely and Julia, yes are most definitely smart enough for UF!!! ‘sup to the Si Dog.

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