Day 3: In which I spend 80% of the day biking across campus.

Every single night, I draw the conclusion that I am the most tired that I have ever been.

My legs are so sore. I have never been this exhausted. My thighs hurt, my shins hurt, my feet themselves hurt. My ankles have what seems like an immeasurable amount of blisters; my knees are so sore that I can’t sit cross legged.

I never thought college would mean so much walking!

This morning, it was raining as I scurried to breakfast, where I met and ate with my super cute boyfriend Simon. Afterwards, in the break between showers, we biked into the main part of campus (is there even a main part? All I know is that we went places I’ve never been before yet have classes in on Monday) in search of a few of our classrooms. It was SO hot, and even with our frequent breaks to nab water bottles from Christian groups and to pull out our maps (hey, there were other people doing the exact same thing), we were gasping. I have this really awesome quality where my face turns really red the second I get even the slightest bit overheated, so I was lookin’ like a tomato walking around Turlington.

Afterwards, we biked to University (Ave? Blvd? Rd?) and went in a few non-official bookstores looking for a textbook for Simon and a present for his roomie Joe, whose birthday is Monday. We found both of those things, I bought lecture outlines for my math class, and we biked back to get lunch.

Speaking of lunch: the dining hall makes this cake that is all white and is absolutely delicious. Omg. The icing tastes like the perfect mix between buttercream frosting, powdered sugar, rainbows, and grocery store frosting. Nom nom nom cake! On a completely contrasting note, I have started to eat a fruit salad with every meal (okay, so I started at lunch, so it’s only been two times but hey, I have good intentions).

After that, Simon went to hang out with his bros and I came back to my dorm and took a nap for like 45 minutes. When I woke up, I felt bad for wasting time so I decided to go get MY present for Joe. I biked BACK TO UNIVERSITY (1.2 miles, according to Google Maps, my new BFF) and went shopping for a while. Notable events of this trip: me seeing a guy twice on a bike, us hooking our bikes up to the same place, and as we left him saying “See you later, baby!”

Successful, I biked back to my dorm. Do you understand how much biking I did today? Holy cow. Once inside, Simon texted telling me that his group was going to dinner. I biked to the dining center (where I had vegetable penne with alfredo sauce! THANK YOU DINING HALL WORKERS), and then back to my dorm and back to the dining center when I realized I forgot my money.

Then, Ruchi + the boys and I walked… where? Back to University (a cool .7 miles)! We explored there for a little while, and then walked back to Tolbert, where Ruchi parted ways with us and I went to Tolbert with the boys to watch arguably the most quality cinematic masterpiece of our decade — Stepbrothers.

I walked back from Tolbert with the Si Dogg and took a shower and am typing this now from my bed, because my body is too sore to sit in my chair at my desk. I have my ethernet cord and laptop charger stretched way beyond where they’re supposed to stretch. I need to sleep before I pass out on the keyboard.

Day 3: Chock-full of biking and fruit.

PS: I’m really digging “Opposite Day” by Andrew Bird.

Edit: I’m having issues with my photoblog. Try for a while.


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