Day 2: In which I attend Convocation and almost starve.

So this morning was Convocation, and it was pretty nuts. There are SO many people in our 6,400 person class, and this was “the only time we’ll all be together,” according to all of the guides. The speeches were moderately inspirational and exciting, but William Kamkwamba was a little hard to understand. His speech (which I interpreted from the on-screen captioning) was basically a summary of his book and him urging us to pursue our dreams. His book was really interesting; he’s a genius.

The only bad thing about Convocation was that the dining halls weren’t open when we had to go to the ceremony, so noone ate breakfast. After the big event, we had to split up into college sections and discuss our majors and stuff, which took me to about noon without food. By then, I was already in the Reitz Union, where I needed to do some book shopping, so I decided to just get it done and then go to lunch. Major fail: it took me 1.5 hours and a whole lot of patience to get out of there.

So now I’m trekking again back to my dorm so I can drop off my stuff and ride my bike to lunch, where I ate alone. At least I had Japanese stirfry over rice. Then a piece of cake. My experience was somewhat redeemed by the food. Nom nom nom meal plan.

After lunch, I went to this really cool like football trophy museum with Simon. It’s this building that houses all of the Heismann (?) trophies and national championship awards, complete with video and interactive walkthroughs of the best Gator football players. It was very interesting, even for a non-sports-fan.

I went back to my dorm for a little while, then out to dinner with Simon and his roommates; after that, we went to the season opener of women’s soccer. It was UF v. Miami, and it was incredible how athletic those girls are. It was, unfortunately, extremely hot outside and there were gnats everywhere, so we ditched and went back to Tolbert to watch the game on television. I know, I know, we’re terrible spectators/people. Whatever.

From there, Simon and I went to Gator Nights, but only the improv part. It was held in an on-campus restaurant/bar/club thingy, and the place was PACKED with students. Like, you know standing room only? There wasn’t even standing room. The performers were hilarious, though, which made everything worth it.

I know a tiny part of campus, and tomorrow I plan to explore some more. I honestly walk probably 10 miles a day; it’s crazy how much I’m on the move and on my feet. All I do is take flyers from Christian groups and fold them into little fans for myself.

Oh, and eat.

And take epic treks.

Did I mention my feet hurt?

Day 2: interesting museum, annoying heat.

Edit: Hey, want to see something cool? I’m going to post one picture every day on this blog: :)


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