Day 1: In which I get a nosebleed 20 minutes away from my dorm.

Hello, blog reader! My name is Julia, and I am a freshman at the University of Florida. Though as a reader of this blog, you probably already know that. Therefore, I’ll try to make this first part short and get right to the good stuff.

Intro: I SWEAR I’m going to put a valiant effort into blogging regularly, for two reasons: 1) I want to chronicle my freshman year and 2) so I’ll have something that reminds me of everything that happens so I can tell my mom (or, 2a) don’t have to repeat everything to everyone all of the time).

Details: This is going to become my main blog, aka no more Since the life of Julia now takes place in Gainesville, I feel as though this is okay. I will most likely continue to use to post my dark thoughts on depressing days; my Tumblr will house random sepia pictures of books and such.

I tried to make this blog really cute, actually, and spent about five hours total trying to do so on Pixelmator before I found out that WordPress screws up all of my designs. (What it looked like: So here we are with the bland layout with slight Gator colors.

Conclusion: Welcome.


Alright, so yesterday I moved in. My dorm is super cute, thanks in large part to Oma, my mom, and the employees of Bed, Bath, and Beyond. My dad moved everything around so that it’s perfect, too.

the image

Adorable, amirite?

At any rate, yesterday was spent moving in and shivering in my room last night because I was too afraid to turn off the AC for fear it might never come back. I spent the night alone because my roommate arrived today.

This morning, I went to breakfast at 10:30 (the time the dining hall opened, since we’re technically not in session yet) with my good friends Lauren and Kristina, and then puttered around all day.

You can identify the freshmen by our lanyards. I carry mine in a purse with an umbrella, my camera, my wallet, and a million extra hair ties, but many people just leave them around their necks for convenience (it DOES suck to have to pull it out of the purse abyss everytime I want to eat/go anywhere, but I don’t want to risk looking like a total n00b).

I took an epic trek (it seems like everything here is an epic trek. Seriously, I’ve probably walked about 1/6 of the campus thus far and I’ve probably walked well over 10 miles… it’s a mile in itself to get to Simon’s dorm and back. Because I’m both terrified about getting lost and also totally don’t know where I’m going — a potent combo — I either get to places really early or reallyk late) to the Broward Dining Center for breakfast. It was pretty good, but very hot outside.

We went to Kristina and Lauren’s dorm, Simon’s dorm, and — for my first time ever — the gym!

After I finished exercising, Ruchi called to tell me that her parents wanted to say hello before they left. I began the epic trek back to my dorm when the impossible happened: I got lost. I was just finding the stadium when my nose started to bleed profusely. I am now 15 minutes late to meet my roommate’s family, 20 minutes from my dorm, and without tissues. My hands are covered in blood; I begin to use my shirt to staunch the flow until I get into the dining center for some napkins. Nbd, just walking bloody around campus!

The rest of the night was downhill adrenaline-wise from there on out.

Day 1: tiring, bloody. :)


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